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An Inside Look at Mike Ayala’s Entrepreneurial Journey w/Matt Aitchison

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Mike Ayala

After publishing more than 200 episodes of this podcast, I thought it was time to give you an inside look into my entrepreneurial journey.

I brought on my amazing friend and real estate investor, speaker and philanthropist Matt Aitchison to interview me about my life in investing, business, and tons more.

I open up and go deep about how I got my start in investing and entrepreneurship. You’ll hear about what motivated me to work for myself as an entrepreneur, what it took to make the big move, and how I took the leap to start my own business at 24 and haven’t looked back since.

Matt helped me bring you an episode loaded with value, in which I detail my “entrepreneurial awakening” and my “investment awakening.” I also go into detail about the systems, strategies, and mindsets I cultivated on my road to freedom.

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