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5 Things You Can Do to Create Alignment with Your Family

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Today Kara and I are sharing five simple and practical things you and your spouse can do to keep your family aligned and connected. 

Each of these things are not hard to do, they just require intention and action. But we promise, if you can implement some of these practices, you and your family will grow closer together as you learn more about each other and have conversations, finding out more about what and how your children think. The things you do to keep your family close do not need to be extravagant or luxurious, they just need to be purposeful and consistent. Tune in to find out some of the things Kara and I have done throughout the years to keep our family connected and aligned. 

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Don’t miss Kara’s podcast, “Marriage, Money, & Mayhem,” available on all platforms. Follow her on Instagram @kara_ayala for more insights. Join us on this adventure of transformation, connection, and personal growth!

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