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All About EOS | Entrepreneurial Operating System

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Mike Ayala

On this episode of the Investing for Freedom Podcast, Mike discusses Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). Mike mentions how the book Traction by Gino Wickman has been so impactful on his life and his business. Mike explains why he thinks EOS is the best system to start your business with and encourages you to reach out to him so that he can get you connected with an implementer if you are interested.



0:00 – Intro
0:50 – Mike states that the book ‘Traction’ by Gino Wickman has had a huge impact on his life and success of his business
1:24 – Subscribe to Michael Ayala on YouTube
3:54 – Mike states the if he had have read the book ‘Traction’ 20 years ago he’d be 10x/20x further along than he is now
4:54 – Mike discusses the overview of ‘Traction’
7:13 – Mike recommends similar books to ‘Traction’ such as ‘Rocket fuel’ by Gino Wickman
8:53 – Mike points out that on the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating system) website there is a link to a website called basecamp; a product designed for people who want to self-implement
9:32 – Mike advises you to not self-implement if you can afford not to, hire an implementer instead
10:40 – Mike talks about the disadvantages of self-implementing
13:14 – Mike speaks about the overview of EOS
13:45 – EOS addresses the five biggest frustrations that any entrepreneurial leadership team will face
15:41 – Mike states that if he was going to start a business he would start it with EOS
17:06 – Mike speaks about four mindset shifts that happen with EOS
18:58 – Mike states that every time you say yes to something you say no to something else
20:50 – Mike mentions the six core process of EOS; Vision, data, process, traction, issues, people
22:10 –  Mike states that ‘Good to great’ by Jim Collins  and the Hedgehog concept was impactful for his life
23:49 – Mike discusses the quarterly rocks and the process behind it within EOS
25:40 – Mike mentions how there are multiple online platforms you can use such as Traction tools from which is a software system that brings everything to one place and explains the benefits of using this
28:23 – Mike talks about the core of EOS as a game changer for your organisation
31:37 – Mike states that there’s only enough integrators for 25% of the visionaries therefore the faster you can decipher which you are and find your role, the greater the worlds going to be
34:20 – If you are interested in one-on-one mentoring reach out to Mike through email; or DM Mike on Instagram; themikeayala
36:59 – Mike speaks about the ‘same page’ meeting EOS have. The same page meeting solves not bringing partner/owner issues into meetings
38:00 – If you want more information about working with an EOS implementer Mike recommends Jessica
39:21 – Text the word ‘TRACTION’ to 4805317519 to speak to Mike if you want to learn more or be connected with Jessica


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