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All Things Tax Planning and Strategy with Amanda Han and Matt MacFarland

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Today’s episode is a journey into the world of taxes, investments, and the unique dynamics of running a successful business with your life partner! We’re thrilled to have the dynamic duo, Amanda Han and Matt MacFarland, the brains behind Keystone CPA, grace our show with their insights and stories.

Dive deep with us as Amanda and Matt unravel their origin story, taking us behind the scenes of their entrepreneurial venture in the tax planning realm. Discover the intricacies of merging personal and professional lives, as they share the secrets to harmonizing diverse skill sets and personalities within a partnership.

But that’s not all—we’re peeling back the layers of tax planning strategies that are essential for savvy investors. Ever wondered about the golden keys to a robust investment portfolio? Our guests shed light on the pivotal role a top-notch tax firm plays in safeguarding and maximizing your investments.

Get ready to demystify the world of Self-Directed IRAs, as Amanda and Matt break down their benefits, guiding you through how to leverage these tools for a brighter financial future. And if you’re sitting on the fence about when to start your investment journey, this conversation is the nudge you need to dive in sooner rather than later.

Hungry for more golden nuggets of wisdom? Keystone CPA is not just a powerhouse in the tax world; it’s a treasure trove of free knowledge waiting for you at And for those daily doses of tax enlightenment, be sure to follow Amanda’s tax tips @amanda_han_cpa on Instagram.

Buckle up for an episode packed with invaluable advice, heartwarming anecdotes, and actionable insights that could very well transform your approach to taxes and investments.

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