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Beyond Wealth: Phil Calandra on the Art of Financial Wisdom and the True Pursuit of Life

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Today I am joined by Phil Calandra, Phil Calandra has established a nationwide reputation in the financial services community. Highly regarded around the country as a money strategist, Phil is a noted lecturer and educator.

In this episode, Phil shares his personal journey into the world of financial planning, shedding light on the pivotal experiences that shaped his approach. We unravel the layers of what we’re truly seeking in life, revealing why it transcends the mere accumulation of wealth. Phil also offers his seasoned perspective on creating a diversified portfolio, the nuances of financial maturity, and much more, providing listeners with valuable wisdom to navigate their own financial landscapes.

Eager to hear more from Phil or to connect with him directly? Find him on Instagram @philcalandra1, on Facebook, or reach out to him at 678-427-5598 for a deeper dive into his financial philosophies and strategies.

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