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Episode 101

Mindset & Money | Ready Is a Lie

On this episode of The Investing for Freedom  Podcast, Mike speaks about how ‘ready’ is a lie. Mike shares some encouraging words and urges you to ask yourself the question of ‘what areas am I telling myself I am not ready for, when ready is a lie?’...

Episode 95

Aaron Velky | Men With Purpose

On this episode of The investing for Freedom Podcast, Mike is joined by Aaron Velky. Mike and Aaron discuss a broad range of topics such as drive and ambition, credit scores, changing the future by beginning with kids, learning to hear other...

Episode 94

Mindset & Money | 5 Laws of Gold

On this episode of The Investing For Freedom Podcast, Mike speaks about one of his favorite books of all time, The Richest Man In Babylon. Mike shares how he discovered this book and the impact it has had on his life. Mike urges you to get out there...