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Episode 430

Be Decisive, Make Decisions

During this day and age, things are moving really fast, and that means the decisions we make need to come faster. Many times we won’t feel like we can make the best decision, because we don’t have all information, and that’s probably true. However...

Episode 429

Will You Build an Empire or a Bunker?

Today we are talking about the history of the US National median rent versus median income. We take a look at a chart and discuss the disparity between the growth of rent prices in our country and the growth of wages in our country since 1985. The...

Episode 428

Entrepreneurship is a TEAM Sport

Today I’m sharing some recent revelations I’ve made during this challenging season I’m in, mainly centering around business being a team sport. It’s so easy to want to do everything yourself and think that others are always the issue, but in reality...

Episode 426

Challenges & Complexity Ceilings

In today’s episode I’m covering challenges, and the massive growth we can take from them. I also discuss getting into rooms surrounded by higher performing and smarter people, allowing us to learn from their mistakes rather than learning the...

Episode 423

Who Do You Have to Become?

Today I ask, who do you need to become? We’ve all heard the quote “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”, and although it’s cliche, it’s also very true. Getting in the right rooms is a major key to success and leveling up...