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Dr. John Ryan | Freedom is a Mindset

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Hosted by
Mike Ayala


On this episode of the Investing for Freedom Podcast, Mike is joined by Dr. John Ryan. Mike and Dr. John Ryan discuss a multitude of topics including setbacks, access to knowledge, breakthrough and trauma work, and discovering what freedom means to you. Dr. John Ryan shares some of his intelligent advice and tips which Mike encourages you to listen to as it is expressed throughout this episode how big of an impact Dr. John Ryan has had on mike’s life. 

“Freedom is a Value”


0:00 – Intro
1:30 – Mike expresses how impactful Dr. John Ryan has been on his life
2:31 – Dr. John Ryan explains how one teacher from High School has had the biggest impact on his life as he taught him leadership
4:56 – Dr. John Ryan discusses that the one thing that has had the greatest impact on his success is having the mindset of “never give up” and explains why this has been so impactful
6:50 – Dr. John Ryan tells us about the greatest setback he’s experienced
7:20 – Dr. John Ryan shares a story from his childhood with us
9:50 – Mike asks Dr. John Ryan why he thinks young musicians online on YouTube seem so much better now a days
14:29 – Mike shares the opinion that due to the magnitude of information and people we have access to in modern day times, there’s no excuse for people say that they can’t accomplish something
16:36 – “Be willing to have the conversation” is the piece of advice Dr. John Ryan finds himself sharing the most and explains why he shares this advice
22:33 – Mike mentions how most broken relationships are just misunderstandings and how everything we need is on the other side of another person
24:53 – Mike shares a quote he heard recently; “You can’t expect people to stop sucking the life and energy out of you if you keep handing them the straw” and speaks about how Dr. John Ryan has helped him reposition looking internally
29:39 – Dr. John Ryan explains to us the process of the work he does and how he achieves breakthroughs
34:34 – Mike shares his personal experience with Dr. John Ryan and explains how the breakthrough/ trauma work is not as scary as it seems
35:48 – Dr. John Ryan demystifies the scariness of breakthrough and trauma work
40:27 – Mike explains how a lot of times he finds himself invested in conversations that he doesn’t slow down and capture things that really matter but having worked with Dr. John Ryan he has been able to slow down and really capture important conversations
47:26 – Dr. John Ryan shares his take on time management
49:46 – Dr. John Ryan states that your solutions today are the problems that you have to solve tomorrow
54:25 – Mike mentions that he is optimistic about the future as an entrepreneur and asks Dr. John Ryan about his opinion of everything going on right now regarding the tough past year people have had
1:02:22 – Dr. John Ryan states that the world doesn’t care what our expectations of it are, it just is what it is
1:05:03 – Dr. John Ryan shares some final words with us and speaks on Investing for Freedom
1:06:24 – Mike and Dr. John Ryan agree that freedom is a mindset
1:07:17 – You can contact Dr. John Ryan through his websites and 


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