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Goals & Values

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Welcome to a transformative discussion on the profound interplay between the immutable core values we hold dear and the ever-evolving life goals we set for ourselves. Understand this: while the destinations we aspire to might shift with time’s tide, the compass that is our core values remains unaltered.

Today, we dive deep into:

  • The essence of core values and how these foundational beliefs guide our every action and decision. They are the bedrock upon which our character stands, unwavering even amidst life’s fiercest storms.
  • The dynamism of goals, and the need to embrace change. Life’s journey, with its myriad twists and turns, often prompts us to reassess and realign our aspirations. And that’s not just okay—it’s growth.

Yet, how do we strike a balance? How can we ensure that while our goals remain adaptive, our core values stay firm? The answer lies in precision. It’s essential to keenly understand and define our values, ensuring that even as the winds of circumstance change, our foundational beliefs remain our guiding light.

So here’s a challenge for all our listeners: embark on an introspective voyage. Define your core values with unwavering clarity and align your goals around this solid foundation. By doing so, you prepare yourself to face life’s dilemmas with a fortified heart and mind.

On a special note, for those seeking to delve even deeper and align their aspirations with their partner, Mike and I present a unique opportunity. Join us for a couples workshop centered on values, goals, and the beautiful dance between the two.

  • When: 26th & 27th August
  • More Information: Visit to reserve your spot.

Stay inspired, and may your journey be ever-enriched by the clarity of your values and the passion for your goals.

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