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How Manny Guarino Overcame Porn Addiction and Found His Calling

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In today’s episode, we’re joined by Emmanuel Guarino, a trailblazing entrepreneur and the co-founder of “Team Vulnerable,” an initiative he started with his wife Becky to support individuals battling porn addiction.

Emmanuel’s story is a journey of resilience, beginning with his childhood in a real estate-investing family that laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial spirit. But beneath the surface of success, Emmanuel faced a personal struggle with porn addiction that began in his youth and escalated over time. This episode takes us through the pivotal moments of Emmanuel’s life, from confronting and overcoming his addiction, to the emotional transition of stepping into his late father’s shoes to lead the family business and the decision to step away from that. The creation of “Team Vulnerable” emerges for him as a beacon of hope, born from Emmanuel’s and Becky’s shared commitment to fostering openness and strength in the face of addiction. Through Emmanuel’s candid sharing, this episode is not just a tale of personal triumph but a call to courage and vulnerability in facing life’s most challenging battles.

If you want to check out Manny and Becky’s initiative to overcome porn addiction, you can visit!

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