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Importance of Investing in Your Growth, Making Good Hires, and More

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Today’s episode is a series of clips from The King’s Table Podcast where the guys and I discuss business, real estate, economic insights, politics, and personal growth. Join for some epiphanies from the dynamic quartet – Ashish Nathu, Matty Aitchison, Aaron Amuchasetgui, and myself. 

  • 🌟 Clip 1 (Episode 19): The crew delves into the essence of community, the power of continuous learning, and strategies for growth.
  • 🎤 Clip 2 (Special Guest Vivek Ramaswamy): Join for a question I asked Vivek during our interview with him about small business ownership in America and some ways to help in these areas.
  • 💼 Clip 3 (Episode 22): The crew dissects the art of hiring in this snippet. Discussing why choosing the right employees is more than just a task – it’s the linchpin between prosperity and doom. Give yourself grace because you won’t always make the right hires, but do your due diligence.

📅 Exclusive Dinner Alert:

Attention accredited investors! Don’t miss the chance to attend a unique dinner in Phoenix on February 23rd. Catch Chris Harder and Ken McElroy live, diving deep into values-based investing. Text “dinner” to 480-531-7519 to reserve your seat at this transformative event!

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If the clips left you hungry for more wisdom and entertainment, head over to @KingsTablePodcast to binge on the full episodes. The podcast will also be expanding to platforms beyond YouTube, so stayed tuned for that. 

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