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It’s Not a Great Time to Speculate

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Welcome back to the Investing for Freedom Podcast. Today I want to talk about the market right now, and how as investors we should always be looking at alternative investments to diversify our investments and decrease risk. During times of economic peril the ultra wealthy often turn to these alternatives, and you should consider doing the same. Let me know what your allocation of investments looks like at or at 480-531-7519. 

If you’re interested in receiving my blog, go to or text the word ‘blog’ to 480-531-7519. 

If you’re interested in investing in my debt-fund paying a 12% return over a 12-month period, text the word ‘deals’ to 480-531-7519.

If you’re interested in the upcoming 2023 next level couples mastermind, text the word ‘couples’ to 480-531-7519.

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