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Mike Ayala

On this episode of The Investing For Freedom Podcast, Mike is joined by Jake Kelfer. Mike and Jake discuss a series of topics including Jake’s new book ‘The Elevated Entrepreneur which you can find on the website Mike and Jake also speak about how people know what they want but they’re usually too afraid to admit it to themselves out of fear of rejection and Jake shares his best advice for overcoming this habit as well as many other interesting topics.



0:00 – Intro
1:06 – Mike loves that he calls himself an elevator on his website
2:05 – Jake believes life is a game and we are the main player and we get a chance to be an MVP and a champions, and he knows he’s a winner
2:38 – Jake’s parents have has the greatest impact on his life
3:07 – Jake talks about his #FOE which means Family Over Everything
5:14 – For Jake if life was an either or game, Jake would take relationships over a business that makes money
5:50 – Jake talks about how his relationships have had the greatest impact on his life
6:16 – Jake goes through his greatest setback and what he learnt from it was
7:59 – Jake shares the advice he finds himself sharing the most, which comes from his dad
10:06 – Jake always said growing up he would play for the Lakers, but when that wasn’t possible, he started working for the Lakers in the corporate partnerships division in Kobe’s final year
11:31 – Jake left the Lakers after a season and started working on his own, he realized that he wanted more than to just be in that role. It was a path he had to try
13:16 – Jake knew he couldn’t make the difference he wanted to in the position he was in, and that position wasn’t available
14:06 – for Jake it was burn the ships and go all in move, rather than a build up
15:01 – There’s a mentality and a process to make sure we’re in alignment with our beliefs, our values and what we want to achieve
15:47 – The new book is the elevated entrepreneur, which focusses on what the wildly successful do differently than everyone else
16:44 – There’s 39 processes you can learn from in the book
17:13 – When Mike left his W2 job, he had bills, but he knew he just had to do it
18:17 – Jake tells a story about working with Jerry West and realizing the secret sauce is people
18:50 – Jake was really good at getting internships, so he wrote his book to help people close to him get the opportunities he did
19:35 – Jake was doing things he always dreamed of, and asked himself how he got their, so he wrote a book about his relationships
20:01 – Jake wanted to turn heads for his 3rd book, so he realized people need to learn from people who have done what they want to do
21:16 – When Jake was 18 he read Training Camp by John Gordon, for this book, he got to interview John
22:16 – Lorrie Harder was an eye opening experience to interview
23:50 – There’s always an objective when building relationships, but the objective is not the priority, you just know they could be important to you in the future
24:31 – With networking, humans first, sales second.
25:10 – Jake mentions how everyone has a friend who when around them, you get excited and everyone also has a friend who when you’re around them you feel drained
26:16 – Mike shares the quote, ‘you can have everything you want, if you just help enough people get what they want’
28:33 – Mike explains how he feels we live in such a McDonalds drive thru type society
30:35 – Jake states that we all have something to offer and we forget that sometimes but we just need to show up confident
32:37 – Jake speaks about lead elevation, his main coaching program called lead elevation
35:05 – Jake states that freedom is success and time to do what you want with who you want and when you want
36:25 – Mike shares the statement, ‘if your business isn’t helping you achieve your personal goals, you just own a job’
37:00 – Mike asks Jake how he tracks expectations and the metrics involved in that process
41:35 – Jake talks about how he thinks everyone knows what they want but they’re too scared to admit it to themselves because they don’t want to deal with the potential rejection
42:36 – Jake states that things become easy when you starting asking the right questions and explains how that’s where we’re failing as a society
44:28 – Jake speaks about his excitement about his book coming out and how proud he and his team are about the creation of this book
45:20 – Jake shares some final advice and states that if you’re trying to remember what we need to do to win, live by the ACE method; action, connection and enjoyment
46:10 – You can contact Jake through Instagram @jakekelfer and you can find the book through the website


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