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Jess Glazer | Ego Is Your Biggest Overhead

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Hosted by
Mike Ayala

On this episode of The Investing For Freedom Podcast, Mike is joined by Jess Glazer. Mike and Jess speak about a series of topics within this episode and share with you some honest and helpful advice. Jess speaks about her EMPOWER course and how life changing sharing your knowledge with the world can be!



0:00 – Intro
3:04 – Jess explains how her parents and her brother have had the greatest impact on her life
4:27 – Jess speaks about her brother breaking the mould and becoming the first entrepreneur in her family
4:55 – Jess shares the one thing that has had the greatest impact on her success
6:14 – Mike speaks about ego and how he’s been recently thinking about what type of person does he have to become to get into the rooms that will provide him the opportunity to level up
7:23 – Jess explains how she’s quite spiritual and how she overcomes and unpacks her ego when she needs to
11:37 – Jess describes what her greatest setback was and what she learned from it
14:10 – Jess expresses how ‘feedback is neutral’ is the piece of advice she finds herself sharing the most
16:16 – Jess takes us through her career journey and all the different routes she took before getting to where she is now
23:11 – You can access a free copy of the post it to profit process at postittoprofitfree
24:25 – Jess explains what a launch is, how it works in terms of your business and how Jess helps you work towards it
27:44 – You can contact Jess and get access to her business through Instagram; @jess.glazer or through her website
29:14 – Jess explains how her course teaches you three different ways to sell and describes each process
32:33 – Mike speaks about watching his son Dylan, attend and utilise Jess’s course
35:42 – Jess talks about limiting beliefs and how to tackle your own ego that is scaring you into not doing something you are totally equipped to do
37:05 – Jess states that people pay for people because they want a faster transformation
38:36 – Jess describes the ‘coffee shop method’ as a tool to help you overcome your limiting beliefs
42:44 – Mike talks about the resources Jess has built is something everyone and anyone can use
43:13 – Jess shares some final advice to anyone who is sitting on the fence about taking her course and states, what’s the worst case scenario?
44:20 – Jess mentions how EMPOWER opens three times a year and opens in October for the fall class. DM Jess on Instagram @jess.glazer saying “empower” if you are interested and want some more information
45:12 – Mike highly encourages you to reach out to Jess. Mike states that you have got something great in you, let Jess help you utilize it!


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