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Jon Vroman | Family Men With Businesses

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Mike Ayala

On this episode of The Investing For Freedom Podcast, Mike is joined Jon Vroman from Front Row Dads. Mike and Jon have a very valuable and inspiring conversation surrounding multiple topics. Jon speaks about what inspired him to create Front Row Dads and the values within the organization. Mike shares the impact being a member of Front Row Dads has had on him as a person, as a father and also as a husband. Mike and Jon also discuss business growth, freedom and the importance of your community.



0:00 – Intro
3:10 – Mike speaks about how Front Row Dads is like a bumper for parenting and how the organization helps you to avoid getting out of alignment
6:25 – Jon talks about what inspired him to create Front Row Dads
8:26 –  Jon explains how there are three different levels of membership for Front Row Dads
9:22 – Jon states that Front Row Dads is a member lead organization – all the wisdom comes from the members
10:01 – Jon mentions how Front Row Dads right now is open, honest and vulnerable conversations
12:06 – Mike speaks about how in order to be a great dad you need to be a great husband first and tells a story about how Front Row Dads helped him with being a better husband
15:52 – Mike states that it’s the values around how he shows up as a father and as a husband is what he really appreciates about Front Row Dads as there’s an emphasis on that
16:18 – Jon discusses how the phrase ‘family man with a business not business man with a family’ being constantly repeated to him has had the coolest impact on him and explains this further
19:29 – Jon explains what some of the victories he’s experienced or seen others experience from Front Row Dads are
23:48 – Mike shares a conversation he had with Mike McCarthy about feeling like he was almost done being a dad and dealing with limiting beliefs surrounding that
26:27 – Jon states that if you’re in you’re 30’s/40’s and you’re lucky enough to still have your dad in your life speak it into existence that over the next decade, the relationship between you and him will be the best it’s ever been
31:15 – Mike mentions how he loves that Jon always circles back to values and
33:18 – Mike asks Jon about the greatest values that he’s experienced or seen from the Front Row Dads
39:51 – Mike speaks about how he and Kara decided to say Yes as often as they can so that they could teach their kids that the world is a Yes world
41:27 – Jon states that if you want your kids to make good decisions then they have to know who they are and what they stand for
44:11 – Mike expresses how you can’t just come to a group like the Front Row Dads and expect to take, you’re there to give back too
48:30 – Jon talks about scaling his business and basing his business growth around what he wanted his life to look like outside of work
53:10 – Mike asks Jon what does freedom mean to him
53:45 – Make sure to check out if you’re a dad who wants to be a family man with a business
54:17 – Jon states that no matter who you are, you need community and advises you to find your community and have an input

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