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Kara Ayala | Are You a Next Level Couple?

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Hosted by
Mike Ayala

On this episode of The Investing for Freedom Podcast, Mike is joined by his wife Kara Ayala. Mike and Kara discuss everything about their couples mastermind! Why they started it, how it works, what they have gained and learned from it and how you can get involved. Mike and Kara speak about how healthy relationships consist of give and take seasons and how allowing space for your partner to grow is so important. The 2022 couples mastermind is a safe and intimate space for you and your partner to meet and connect with amazing new couples from so many different backgrounds. If you are interested in getting on the early waitlist text the word ‘COUPLES’ to 4805317519 and share this episode with your partner or any friends you feel would benefit from the couples mastermind.



0:00 – Intro
0:02 – Mike states that this is a special episode about his and Kara’s couples mastermind!
0:16 – Mike states that the couples mastermind is one of his favorite things he’s ever done
1:00 – Mike speaks about how we go through seasons of consumption and learning
2:01 – Mike encourages you to listen to this episode to receive some valuable information even if you’re not interested in being involved with the couples mastermind
2:23 – If you’re interested in getting on the early waitlist for the couple’s mastermind text the word ‘COUPLES’ 4805317519
3:16 – Mike mentions how he had a couple of conversations this year with the couples from the couples mastermind about eliminating resistance
4:01 – Kara states that 2021 has been an incredible year even though it went differently to how they were expecting
6:26 – Kara speaks about getting on the same page as your partner
7:25 – Kara states that a healthy relationship is a give and take with seasons and allowing space for the other person to grow and allowing them to be who they need to be
8:44 – Mike speaks about an event he and Kara held in January
11:25 – Mike talks about one of the things that led him and Kara to start the couples mastermind
12:56 – Mike states that we have to make sure that we put ourselves into environments where we can dream, individually and as a couple
14:29 – Mike expresses how he thinks relationships have a certain meaning in our lives
16:38 – Kara speaks about how buy parents, people and couples are so busy so it’s really important to have a friendship circle that are understanding of the fact you’re busy
19:56 – Mike mentions how there is a level of accountability within a mastermind group and how he loves that
23:20 – Mike talks about the importance of communicating to your family when you’re going to go into a busy season of your life
26:11 – Mike explains how he thinks we make a lot of excuses for why we can’t make certain things a priority and how if it is really important to you then you’ll make it a priority
27:42 – Kara speaks about their last event was designed to be fun and playful
30:04 – Kara explains how meeting so many new people with contrasting views and different backgrounds was so transformational and cool
35:24 – Mike talks about how your closest relationship should be your spouse and you can’t hide there
36:10 – Mike states that if you and your partner are not aligned and supporting each other through the process of growth then you’re actually creating more damage
39:25 – Kara mentions how she’s really excited for 2022 and excited for everything to get better and better and meet new couples in a safe and intimate space
40:36 – Mike encourages you to share this episode with your spouse and see if they would be interceded in the couples mastermind if it is also something you would love to be involved in
41:10 – If you’re interested in joining the couples mastermind for 2022 text the word ‘COUPLES’ to 4805317519
41:18 – Mike explains how the process of joining the couples mastermind works
43:00 – Kara suggests for you to share this episode on Instagram and tag them in in the post if you enjoyed it!

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