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Keeping Your Head In The Game Amidst Adversity In The Real Estate Market

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Welcome to Episode 13 of The Kings Table Podcast, a captivating show hosted by Ashish, Mike, Aaron, and Matt. Join us for an unfiltered, authentic experience as we gather weekly to delve into the raw discussions that drive our lives, businesses, economics, and the world.

Meet the hosts: 

1. Mike Ayala is an accomplished investor, speaker, and podcast host, who stands at the helm of Investing for Freedom, guiding busy professionals and entrepreneurs toward the path of genuine liberation and optimal living. 

2. Ashish Nathu is a founder and CEO, entrepreneur, real estate investor, triathlete, and host of the Rich Equation Podcast. 

3. Matt Aitchison is a celebrated boutique hotelier and commercial real estate investor. As the Founder and CEO of Imagos Hospitality Group, he specializes in boutique hotels and commercial assets, alongside hosting a globally-ranked Top 100 Business Podcast.

4. Aaron Amuchastegui is a seasoned real estate virtuoso with a remarkable track record of over 1,000 house transactions, predominantly acquired through astute foreclosure purchases at courthouse auctions. 

In this episode, we explore recent industry developments, including reflections and feedback from Episode 11, featuring Vivek Ramaswamy. The main focus of our discussion centers on a significant event that has rocked the real estate world: the National Association of Realtors and top residential brokerages being ordered to pay $1.8 billion in damages to approximately half a million home sellers. They were found liable for artificially inflating home sale commissions, a decision that is poised to reshape the industry.

We kick off the episode with Ashish introducing the discussion where we briefly shared feedback received regarding our episode with Vivek Ramaswamy. The hosts did a round table discussion, dissecting the implications of the National Association of Realtors being found liable for $1.8 billion in damages due to allegations of conspiring to maintain high commissions. The hosts tackled the subject of Multiple Listing Services (MLS) and discussed opportunities related to buyer representation, especially with the advent of technology that has the potential to reduce costs and the importance of effective training. Join us to gain invaluable insights into these recent industry-shaping events and discover how they might affect you.


00:00 – Ashish kicks off the episode

03:41 – Reflections and recap of various feedback received from Episode 11 (Vivek Ramaswamy episode)

17:09 – Round table discussion about the National Association of Realtors found liable for $1.8 billion in damages in the conspiracy to keep commissions high, sharing insights on how this will impact the industry

35:50 – Discussion on MLS (Multiple Listing Services)

40:56 – Opportunities with regard to buyer’s representation, such as technology driving cost down, and training

58:11 – Final thoughts on how to leverage bad news, search for opportunities, and create wealth

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