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Kurt Buchert | Live a Life of Fulfilment

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Hosted by
Mike Ayala

On this episode of The Investing for Freedom Podcast, Mike is joined by guest Kurt Buchert. Mike and Kurt discuss the importance of challenging yourself, getting started in real estate investing, living a life of fulfilment, not taking on too many projects at once and so much more. Kurt shares how reading has had the biggest impact on his success on his success and advises you to read ‘The Comfort Crisis’ by Michael Ester and ‘Winning’ by Tim Grover. Mike also shares some information surrounding his new 9 week real estate accelerator program, designed to help you achieve financial freedom through real estate investing and his and Kara’s 2022 couples mastermind!



0:00 – Intro
0:33 – Mike shares some information on his new 9 week real estate accelerator program
0:52 – This is a one-time only program that is designed to help you achieve financial freedom through real estate investments
1:25 – This program commences this January and you can sing up now through

1:35 – Mike shares a brief introduction to his guest Kurt Buchert
2:29 – Kurt speaks about having his fourth child recently
5:40 – Kurt explains how his grandmother has had the greatest impact on his life
9:03 – Kurt talks about how reading has had the biggest impact on his success
10:54 – Kurt shares that the books that have been super impactful for him recently are ‘The Comfort Crisis’ by Michael Easter and ‘Winning’ by Tim Grover
15:10 – Kurt speaks about his morning routine
16:35 – Kurt talks about his main business and owning rentals and duplex’s
17:10 – Kurt shares how he got into real estate
20:44 – Kurt states that he only takes on one or two projects at a time so that he doesn’t get too stressed and he can enjoy his life
21:15 – Kurt mentions how he and his wife took a year off to travel when they got married but how after a while he felt bad and felt like a loser because he wasn’t working on anything
21:55 – Kurt speaks about how his biggest setback was dropping a well-paying corporate job to start his instillation business
23:05 – Mike and Kara share some information regarding their 2022 couples mastermind
24:13 – The event kicks off in January and you can sign up now through

24:33 – Kurt explains how he went to his supplier and asked him for crews to partner up with so that they could install and work with the product and Kurt could work on the business and marketing side of the company
26:42 – Mike states that everything you need is on the other side of another human
29:56 – Mike asks Kurt what is the piece of advice he finds himself sharing the most
33:36 – Kurt states that he thinks one of the biggest regrets of a man’s life is working too hard and too much when his kids are young and missing them grow up
34:25 – Kurt explains that freedom for him means being able to say what he wants to say, and time to go and do whatever he wants when he wants
36:05 – Kurt states that he never has the Sunday night blues because he loves Monday and his job and his lifestyle
36:38 – Mike asks Kurt, what is one thing he used to do himself, that he now pays someone else to do so that he can create more freedom
40:19 – You can contact Kurt through Instagram @Kurtbuc

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