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Kyle Depiesse | Work – Life Rhythm

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Hosted by
Mike Ayala

On this episode of the Investing for Freedom Podcast, Mike talks to Kyle Depiesse, a returning guest on the show. The guys talks about a range of things such as how to efficiently manage the time you’re given and how having some rest and recouperation is just as important as working hard. Kyle and Mike also talk about Kyle’s upcoming event in Scottsdale, Arizona and they want to meet you, so be sure to listen to find out how you could be involved.


0:00 – intro to Kyle and catch up with what he’s doing and what his background was
7:11 – Mike touches on how Kyle said he was feeling low in corporate America and Mike’s 5 step process’ final step of adjusting and how important it is
9:03 – Mike asks Kyle to talk about balance as Kyle says many of us define a fulfilling and successful life as professional success
10:42 – Kyle compares life to golf – You’ve got to be good off the tee or working hard, but you equally have to be good at short game or taking a break
13:26 – Mike says your business will be successful if you keep the right things in the right order and if you keep the main things the main things, money becomes a biproduct
16:30 – Kyle talks about efficiency and how we fill the time we are given
17:42 – Mike thinks back to when he ran his first busines sand he’d have a list of 700 things he thought he’s have to do before he left on vacation, which he would get down to 7 things to do
20:33 – Mike talks about how he had a lot of female influence without much male influence which he realised from GoBundance
22:26 – Kyle has never been someone who doesn’t take their vacations and he has always invested in himself
24:13 – Mike talks about how he was inspired by Don Winner and how he had the opportunity to buy a day with Don
25:39 – Kyles notes the money spent to have a day with Don to mike is an investment, whereas most would consider it a cost
28:23 – Kyle says our best ideas don’t come from sitting in an office all day
30:22 – Mike talks about the Pinehurst golf event and how he still talks to some of the guys he met, as well as discussing Kyle’s next event which still has a few places open
33:19 – Mike is going to be there at Kyle’s event in October and he wants to meet some awesome people
34:59 – Kyle talks about how he’s going to add a sort of armchair quarterback aspect to the events
37:30 – Go to where you can fill out and application
38:20 – Text the word experience to 480-531-7519 if you have any questions

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