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On this episode of the Investing for Freedom podcast, Mike speaks about a situation that came up in his champions event in Steamboat Colorado. Mike urges us to get in front of someone if we need a favor from them and tells a story of when a goldmine went bankrupt on him and how getting in front of someone led them to write him a $75,000 check.

“Isolation breeds desolation.”


0:00 – Mike’s intro explains he’s in Steamboat Colorado at a champions event 

1:08 – If you ever need favor with someone you have to see them face to face, because when you look them in the eye you develop trust 

1:52 – Mike tells a story about when a gold mine he was invested in that went bankrupt 

3:57 – Mike explains how he’s out $280,000 and he remembered his mentor told him he needed to get In front of someone he needed a favor from, and he called the new top man at a bank and got a meeting with him 

6:27 – Mike was told his hand was tied in certain areas but he wrote him a $75,000 cheque 

7:50 – Mike wouldn’t have got that money if he didn’t get in front of him 

8:35 – mike thinks were at a point where people will be at an unfair advantage 

9:38 – We’re losing favor with people because we’re not face to face with them 

10:32 – We need to get our health in order and work on human connection 

11:46 – Bringing value to other humans is the most important thing 

12:18 – Isolation breeds desolation 

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