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Mindset & Money | Are You Expecting The Miraculous?

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Hosted by
Mike Ayala

On this episode of the Investing For Freedom Podcast, Mike focused this episode around a question his coach recently asked. Is your baseline an expectation for a miracle? Mike speaks about how we often limit what could actually happen because we are not setting the baseline expectation for a miracle. Mike shares a story from his past from when he was trying to exit his first business and explains how when he began taking inventory of the things in his life and when he set his intentions to exiting the business for the purpose of being able to take a full year off to travel and regroup with his wife Kara, things started to conspire and transpire to suit his intentions. Mike encourages you to question yourself about if your baseline expectation is for a miracle. Mike and Kara are also opening up their couples mastermind for 2022 so go ahead and text the word ‘COUPLES’ to 4805317519 if you are interested in this or want to know more!

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