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Mindset & Money | Are You Expecting The Miraculous?

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Mike Ayala

On this episode of the Investing For Freedom Podcast, Mike focused this episode around a question his coach recently asked. Is your baseline an expectation for a miracle? Mike speaks about how we often limit what could actually happen because we are not setting the baseline expectation for a miracle. Mike shares a story from his past from when he was trying to exit his first business and explains how when he began taking inventory of the things in his life and when he set his intentions to exiting the business for the purpose of being able to take a full year off to travel and regroup with his wife Kara, things started to conspire and transpire to suit his intentions. Mike encourages you to question yourself about if your baseline expectation is for a miracle. Mike and Kara are also opening up their couples mastermind for 2022 so go ahead and text the word ‘COUPLES’ to 4805317519 if you are interested in this or want to know more!



0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Mike shares a question that his coach asked him recently, ‘is your baseline an expectation for a miracle?’
1:04 – Mike mentions how they were talking about the fact that a lot of the time we don’t know how were going to accomplish what we set out to do
2:30 – Mike speaks about his couples mastermind they hosted recently in Mexico and how that trip sparked the conversation with his coach
3:57 – Mike states that anything miraculous is something that is outside of your ability to put together on your own
4:09 – Mike talks about how looking back at his first business exit, it’s easy to deconstruct how things happened
4:29 – Mike expresses why he thinks his coach asked him this question
4:50 – Mike states that he thinks that sometimes we’re limiting what could actually happen because were not setting the expectation for a miracle
5:13 – Mike mentions how in 2012 Kara said to him that she wants to take a year off when their youngest child graduates just to travel the world and regroup. This encouraged him to begin taking inventory of his life and made him realize the changes he needed to make so that he could take a year off
6:20 – Mike states that he attributes the majority of his success to the fact that when he wants to do something he thinks about how he’s going to do it rather than thinking of all the reasons why he can’t do it
6:50 – Mike talks about how if you start programming your brain to expect something great, even if you can’t see how it’s going to happen, you’ll know it’s going to happen and that’s where the magic is
8:58 – After sharing his experience with his business partner regarding evaluating the business and hiring a general manager so that he could take a year off when he wanted to, Mike explains how a huge eight billion dollar a year company approached them and wanted to consider buying half of their business
9:45 – Mike explains how this made it clear to his partner and him, what 50% of their business was worth and that solved their differences on the evaluation of the business
11:15 – Mike talks about how that series of events was miraculous for him and showed him that when he set his intentions to what he wants, things started to conspire and transpire to suit his intentions
12:21 – Mike mentions how the conversation with his coach got him thinking about how our baseline expectation is not miraculous and how we should be expecting that more in life
12:47 – Mike encourages you to think about where in life you are not expecting miracles to happen and where you need them to happen
13:44 – Mike speaks about how on the couples mastermind trip he asked the guys, if they wanted to make an extra half a million dollars in the next ninety days, how would you do that?
14:56 – Mike poses the question to you, is your baseline expectation a miracle?
15:01 – Mike states that he and Kara are opening up for the couples mastermind for 2022 and
there are eight spots to fill
15:28 – Text the word “COUPLES” to 4805317519, if you are interested in the 2022 couples mastermind



Are you looking for freedom? Freedom from the daily grind and hustle, or just finding a way to live the life you always wanted. Then join us on the investing for freedom podcast. Our host Mike Ayala will help you discover new ways to find freedom. With tips, insights, and interviews you’ll learn the exact systems he’s used to travel the world and live his best life. True success and happiness are all about freedom. And here’s your roadmap on how to find freedom on your own terms. Welcome to the investing for freedom podcast. Here’s your host, Mike Ayala.


Thank you for joining me on the investing for freedom podcast. Today I’m going to pose a question to you that my coach asked me as we were working through something than this last week, and it’s just really kind of reframed the way that I think about a lot of things, So I wanted to share it with you. So I I’ll give you a little bit of context and background here in a second, but the thing that he asked me, the question he asked me, he said, Mike, so is your baseline an expectation for a miracle? And I was like, you know, I literally was speechless for a few minutes and I had to think through this because you know, what we were talking about was you know, a lot of times we don’t know how we’re going to accomplish whatever it is that we’re setting out to do.


We don’t know how it’s going to come together. We don’t know, you know, where we’re going to get the money. We don’t know where we’re going to find the deals. We don’t know, you know, how we’re going to accomplish whatever our goal is. And I’ve seen this so many times in business partners, managers in certain divisions, like when we’re setting budgets or, you know, projections or whatever, I hear this a lot. And I used to actually hear this from my business partner, you know, we set these projections and then we immediately go into our mind and we’re like, okay, how am I going to accomplish that?


And these are the things that we need to do as we progress down the road. Like how many people do I need? How much money do I need to spend on marketing? You know, all that kind of stuff to grow your business. I’m thinking right now of a realtor friend who I think they had done, like you know, they were doing 400 million a year or something like, like that in sales, you know, total gross volume or whatever. And they wanted to double that. And, you know, he was like sitting, Everybody was like, you know, how are we going to do that? We don’t have enough leads coming in and etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. And the reality was, he said, I don’t know how we’re going to do that, but we’re going to set this goal and we’re just going to make it happen. And then so, you know, set their faith around that.


And so when my coach asked me that question, he said, Mike, so is the baseline expectation a miracle? And what kind of started this conversation, I was in Mexico last week with our amazing couples in our couple’s mastermind. Kara and I host a couple’s mastermind, which if you’ve been following me or listening, you probably know that. It’s one of my favorite things that we do and the way that the mastermind works it’s one year long. We do an event in January, which is kind of like a transformational event. These are usually held at a large Airbnb. We bring in speakers, we go to amazing dinners, that kind of stuff. So that’s the January event. And then in September we do a bucket list trip. And so last week we were in Mexico at the second trip in Cabo San Jose at an Airbnb up north, just a beautiful, amazing experience in time.


But I was having a conversation with one of the guys, his name’s Mike he’s actually been on a previous episode of the podcast. And we were just talking about kind of, you know, this expectation. And a lot of times when things happen in business, it’s literally miraculous. It’s not something that we planned or strategized around and it hardly ever plays out the way that we expect it. And this isn’t just in business, by the way, this is in life. This is in your personal finances, it’s in, you know your children, it’s in everything. It’s a miracle. And so when I say miracle too by the way I think a lot of people think that a miracle is like, you know, a miraculous healing or something that only God and divine intervention could accomplish. But when we’re talking about the baseline is a miracle, anything miraculous is something that, you know, I think is outside of your ability to put together on your own. And that’s what I’m really talking about here. When Mike and I were talking about this last week at the couple’s mastermind, I was talking about my first exit, my first business exit.


And if I look backwards, it’s easy to deconstruct you know like how things happened when you’re looking backwards, but when you’re in it, and you’re looking forward, you have no idea how this is going to happen. And I think the reason why my coach was asking me this question is because when we don’t set the baseline of intention or expectation around something miraculous, something that we can’t plan on our own. I think sometimes we’re literally limiting what God, the universe and everything around us wants to conspire and do amazing things for us. I think we’re limiting sometimes you know, what could actually happen because we’re not setting the base expectation as a miracle.


And so, as we were talking through this, I’m chatting with Mike, I was talking literally about my exit in the first business and the way that this happened was interesting. I’ve shared this story before, but I’m going to, you know, give you the reader’s digest version of this. So Kara had made a comment to me. She said in 10 years when our youngest kid graduates, so this was 2012, in 10 years when our youngest kid graduates who’s Caton and she’s a senior this year and we’re almost at 2022. So, you know, we’re almost at that period of time that she was talking about. So it was 2012. She said, when our youngest kid graduates, I want to take a year off. I want to spend some time just regrouping and getting to know each other again, take a year off, go travel the world. Kara and I got married at a pretty young age. I was 20, she was 19. Dylan came along exactly one year later, one year and one week later. So I was 21 when Dylan was born, Kara was 20. And you know, so I mean, we’ve spent the first, like literally almost half of our life you know, just really building out businesses and raising kids. And so she was like, I want to take a year off. And I was like, okay, Yeah, that sounds great. And then I remember having conversation with her and I’m like, are you serious about this? Like, you actually want to take a year off. And she’s like, yes.


Well then I started doing inventory in my life, which by the way, there’s a lesson in this too. Like if you really want to achieve something, don’t like shrink back and don’t start thinking about all the reasons why you can’t do it, start dreaming around how do I make this happen? What can I do to make this happen? And that’s one of the things that I would say, I attribute the majority of my success to. When I want something I’m figuring out how can and I do it, not coming up with all the reasons why I’ll never be able to do that. I can’t do that because of this. I can’t do that because of that, you got to start reprogramming your brain to start thinking about. And again, this ties into the miracle thing, because if you start programming your brain to expect something great, even if you can’t see how it’s going to happen, you know, it’s going to happen. That’s where the magic begins to unwind. And so when Kara said that, I started thinking about, you know, my life and taking inventory and I was running this business, had a business partner. I was basically the general manager. I wasn’t basically, I was the general manager. And you know, I started thinking like, what happens if I fast forward 10 years? And I want to year off, is that something that’s possible?


And everything that I had built in my life at that point in time told me that it was not possible. And so I started, you know, setting, just thinking through, okay, what would that have to look like? And I approached my business partner and I said, Hey, I think we need to start thinking about hiring a general manager because otherwise, you know, if something ever happened to one of us or we wanted to take time off or whatever, or we want to, you know, do other things it’s not going to be possible. And so we started going down that road and thinking about, you know, hiring a general manager, but still even with that, like I started thinking to myself, you know, there’s no way that I’m going to be able to take a year off with a business partner in this business, the way that things are structured.


So through a series of events and this is where the miracle comes in. Like I couldn’t looking backwards and this is what I was sharing with Mike. I could have never imagined that this was going to get put together this way. So we started thinking about, you know, maybe one of us getting bought out and we were going through trust planning and all this stuff. And so we were trying to agree on, you know, how would we value this, this, if one of us died and this is the stuff you need to be thinking about. If you’re, you know, got a partner in business, or even if you don’t have a partner, you know, is your wife, or are you set up for a success if something should happen? So we started working through that trust planning and everything. And the thing that we could never like really come to terms on was like, you know, how would we value this company if one of us died, cause you know, if one of us passed away or, or Karen and I both passed away or whatever you know, you don’t want to keep, like my partner would never want my children or the trustee over my children being his business partner. So we started working through that process. It was really hard for us to agree on evaluation, but then here’s the thing, out of nowhere, this huge $8 billion a year company called METZO approached us through KPMG. And they wanted to consider buying half of our business, which was a gold mining division. We did a bunch of service work in the gold mines and stuff. And so they approached us and we went through this six or eight month process, which was excruciating of them like wanting to buy half of our business. And at the end of the day, the deal fell apart. We were about a million and a half apart, something like that.


But here’s what was interesting through that process. My business partner and I had aligned when we were on this side of the negotiating table against this behemoth in the industry. And so knew exactly what we felt like half of our business was worth as we were aligned. What I didn’t understand that was happening through this process is the miracle that was waiting on the other side of it. So when we got to the finish line, the deal fell apart. We walked away from the deal, they walked away from the deal, but then all of a sudden it hit me. We now have evaluation on what we felt like 50% of our business was worth, which was about what they were wanting to buy. The mining division was, you know, about 50% of what was happening.


And so I went to my business partner and I said, Hey, look, we had developed a bunch of real estate together and we’d built this great business. And I said, you know, I think it’s in everybody’s best interest for one of us to get bought out and think that there’s a way to do this. So there’s CA, which would be whoever kept CA would keep the business. And then whoever took CB would get bought out of the business you know, on a 10 year payout, it wasn’t, you know, there wasn’t enough cash in the business for just a, you know, a cash out. So whoever got bought out would take the buyout over 10 years and would also take the real estate. And so I went to my business partner and said this and he said, yeah, great. And so he, you know, took some time to think about it. I took some time to think about it. Literally CA and CB were both good wins for me and for him, you know, I said, I don’t care which seat I take. This was literally just about the long term health and just planning and being able to do what we wanted in life. And so, you know, he ultimately chose seat A, he kept the business and I ended up getting bought out.


And so here’s the story in all that like you might say, well, Mike, that doesn’t sound like a miracle. That’s what I’m getting at is that where I’m not talking about like a angels flying down from heaven and the heavens open up and you hear organs playing. And no, that was miraculous in the sense that I, Kara had set an expectation about what she wanted in life.

And then I started setting my intention around that, and then things started conspiring and transpiring. And a lot of people would say, that’s just coincidence. Well, maybe it is, I don’t care. You can call it a coincidence. You can call it a miracle, whatever you want. So let’s reframe that. If it was a coincidence or you know, you could only imagine that,  Okay, So in your mind, there’s no miracles. There’s only coincidence. It’s fine. Your baseline expectation then needs to be coincidence. If that’s, you know, how you want to reframe it, Great, Do it. I don’t care. I don’t care if you call it a miracle. I don’t care if you call it a coincidence, whatever it is, what I’m really getting at and as we were talking through this, when my coach asked me that question, he said, so Mike is your baseline expectation in life a miracle? It got me really thinking this week. And this is why I really wanted to share this with you, because I don’t think that we expect miracles or coincidences, whatever you want to call it. I don’t think that our baseline expectation is miraculous or coincidence.


I think every once in a while happens to us and we’re like, whoa, that came out of nowhere. But the reality is we should be expect that more in life. And I think our immediate default, it goes to, well, I don’t know how that’s ever going to happen. I don’t think it’s going to happen. And that’s really like where we need to set our expectations around this. So the reason why I wanted share that with you is I think, and I want to pose to you, I want you to think through this, like, where are you not expecting miracles in your life, where you need them. Whether it’s increase in revenue, whether it’s increase in income in your life, whether it’s trying to sort through you know, creating more income, let’s say you’re a W2 person and you’re not making the bills and your expenses are going up. Inflations raging out of control. Food costs are crazy. And you’re just stressed out about money. Well, raise your expectations, raise your vibrations. There’s all these weird words that people are always saying, all I’m saying, just set your faith properly and just expect a miracle. And I think if we change that to rather than every once in a while, something miraculous happens in our life, if we start expecting it and we start saying, you know, this is what I really want. I might not know how it’s going to happen, but I know that it’s possible. I know that I can increase my, you know, my revenue or my personal income or whatever it is. I know I can make this happen. That’s setting the baseline expectation for a miracle.

I asked the guys and the girls, we were sitting around the pool the last day at the couple’s mastermind in Mexico. And I asked the guys, I said, if you wanted to make an extra half a million dollars in the next 90 days, how would you do that? And that’s a big question, you know, it might be, if you want to make an extra $50,000, that could be like this unheard of, you know, stretch for you. It could be, if you want to make an extra $5,000 in the next 90 days, how would you do that? Wherever you’re at, the baseline that you’re at, that’s the expectation of a miracle and really getting our heads straight around the right questions like that is how we open ourselves up for the miraculous to begin happening. It’s us getting into that room first. It’s us expanding our mindset around it. It’s us getting excited and seeing the possibilities instead of just immediately shutting it down. So is your baseline expectation a miracle in your world or is your baseline expectation the opposite? Oh, I could never do that. I’m not good enough. I don’t know enough, you know, nothing good ever happens to me. That’s the baseline expectation. And, you know, [14:48 inaudible] those people in the world that are just, woe is me everything bad’s always happening to them, well it’s cause that’s where their baseline expectation is.


So is your baseline expectation a miracle? That’s where I’m going to leave you at today. And by the way, as a side note, we are opening up for the couple’s mastermind for 2022. There’s only eight spots. We’re going to open it up to the couples that are in mastermind already. So I’m sure some of those spots are going to get taken. Kara and I have committed to not taking more than eight people just because we want to keep it an intimate group. So if you are interested in the 2022 couples mastermind and have been following us and you’ve been watching what’s going on text the word couples to (480)-5317-519. We would love to just get on a call and let you know what it’s all about and see if it’s a good fit.

Again, text the word couples to (480)-5317-519 If you’re interested in that. Go out there and make it a great week. And just remember, you need to make your baseline expectation a miracle.

If you’ve found value in this episode, and, you know someone who’s wanting to start or move further along in their journey toward investing for freedom, I would be forever grateful if you would share this show with them and help me get this message out to more listeners. Also, if you enjoy what you’ve heard, I would appreciate it if you take 30 seconds and leave me a five star review and share this with your friends and until the next episode, cheers to moving further along in your journey of investing for freedom.

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