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Mindset & Money | Ask Better Questions

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Mike Ayala

On this episode of Investing For Freedom, Mike speaks about asking better questions. Asking the right questions can help you navigate life and achieve your goals.

“Why can’t I do this now? Do I really need to wait 30 years? Those are the types of questions we need to be thinking about. That’ll bring expansion.”


0:00 – Intro
0:46 – When was the last time you sat down and asked a question that brought a ton of value to you?
1:35 – Mike mentions how he is going to do a 30-day challenge to ask better questions. Text “QUESTIONS” to 480-531-7519 for more information.
4:03 – Mike advises you to sit down with a pen and a piece of paper and ask yourself expansion questions such as; “what do I really want in life”, “what do I not currently have in my life that would bring me more joy” and “where would I like to go if money and time weren’t an issue”
6:03 – We need to start asking ourselves what if?


Thank you for joining me on The Investing for Freedom Podcast. Today, I’m going to ask you a few questions that I really want you to be thinking about, and it’s actually a conversation that we’re going to have around asking better questions.

So when was the last time that you sat down with a question that brought a ton of value to you that you’ve worked through in your own mind and, just looked at like bigger problems that you want to solve or else, what would life look like? Just expansion question.

So I was sitting with a buddy of mine the other day and he was asking a bunch of questions and he said, “I’m sorry, I’m always interviewing.” And I thought it was actually amazing because the fact that he’s always asking questions, it, number one brings a lot of expansion in the conversation that you may never think about. And it also made me realize that I need to be asking myself more questions and I do a pretty decent job of asking, dreaming or expansion questions, but I kind of feel like we need to bring some structure to it.

So I’m going to actually do a 30-day challenge, or I guess just a time that we get together and we just ask better questions. And if you’re interested in that, just text me the word questions to (480) 531-7519, and I’ll send you the information. I think I’ll probably start it somewhere around July 10th and we’ll do that for 30 days and every day I’ll just send out via text. It’s going to be super informal, but I’ll just send out a question that we’re going to sit down and spend, 5 to 10 minutes a day just thinking through a question. If you want to journal, fine. If you want to write down the answers, fine. If you want to just sit and think through it and see what comes up for you,fine. But then we’ll just communicate, what came up for you.

And I think that if we do this for 30 days, you’re going to find, we’re all going to find that by asking better questions, we get better answers in life. It’s going to open up a lot of things that we never think about.

So, anyway, again, if you’re interested in that, just text me the word questions to (480) 531-7519. And I’ll let you know how we can connect on this and be part of the group that we’re going to do. Anyway, it’s going to be super informal, so not a lot of structure around it.

So asking better questions. This is the point of the whole conversation today. I was just thinking, I’m sitting here actually right now in Miami, at a couples mastermind that Kara and I are in with Chris and Lori Harder and some other amazing couples. And we’re staying in this Airbnb that’s literally on, it’s on San Marco Island, between Miami and Miami Beach, just a beautiful home.

And immediately when I walked in and Chris was standing there and I said out loud, I said, “what the hell am I doing?” Like, I’m playing so small. Like, what the hell am I doing? And it was an expansion question. I’m like, it made me start really thinking about thinking bigger. Like not that I necessarily need a $21 million house in Miami Beach, but you walk into these zones and it forces you to ask the question, like, what am I doing?

You look around. I mean, literally, I’m looking out over the bay right now, and there’s just so much wealth and money and opportunity in the world, but we have to ask better questions. And the reality is it’s never even really about money. The question is, what do I really want? Why do I want it? What am I going to do to get it? Those are the type of questions that we really need to be asking ourselves. When I see all this wealth, it’s not necessarily about the money. It’s about a different type of life. It’s about what do I really want?

And when you start asking that question, like, literally if you just sat down with a pen and a piece of paper and you ask yourself the question, what do I really want in life? What do I not currently have in my life that would bring me more joy? Where would I like to go? If money and time, wasn’t an issue, where would I be today? What type of house would I be in? What type of hotel would I be staying in? Would I be at the beach? Would I be at the mountains? Like, what type of car would I be renting? These are just expansion questions.

And again, it’s never, ever, ever about the money. It’s just about the type of lifestyle that you want. Who would I be spending my time with? If I could spend my time with anyone. Chris Harder again, he asked me the question, I don’t know, probably six or seven months ago. He said, “Mike, if you could meet any person in the world and really meet them, not just like, get their autograph, but really get to know them. Who would that be?” And I didn’t have an answer because it’s such like a one-time question that I’m like, I’ve never really thought about that. Like, who would that be?

But it sent me on this journey because it was a good question. It sent me on a journey of really asking deeper, like, who would that be? Who would I really want to know in life? And again, not just know, like on a superficial level, like really, really get to know. We don’t think about questions like that enough in life.

So, if money and time wasn’t an issue again, where would you be? Who would you be with? What would that experience be like? What would the smells be like? What would the hotel be like? Would you be ordering Uber Blacks, or would you have like a driver everywhere? Would you be flying on a jet? Would you be taking a helicopter from point A to point B. These are expansion questions and maybe you might be the person that’s telling me, Mike, I wouldn’t want any of that. I would be, at a mountain house by myself, maybe just me and my wife or me and the kids and my wife. And I would just want solitude for two weeks with nobody bugging me. And we’d be, having smores at night and, cooking grilled cheese. It’s your dream, it’s your vision.

So I think what I’m really getting at is we need to ask bigger questions. We need to start asking ourselves what if, like, what if money and time wasn’t an issue? What if I could go anywhere, I wanted and what if I could work anywhere in the world that I wanted?

And then the question, I’ve ran into this so many times lately. So here’s a real question when we start asking these bigger questions, you really start figuring out what it is that you actually think that you want in life. And then sometimes those questions lead to a simple question of like, well, you know what? I actually could have that. Now I’ve seen this epiphany happened so many times in just the last few weeks, literally having conversations with people that think they’re stuck. They think that they can’t move. They think they don’t have enough money to do X. All these things that they think they’re stuck with. And when you really start asking them, like, what do you really want out of life? And they start telling you, then I’ve seriously asked the question recently, like, well, why couldn’t you do that now? And it’s funny because you get this like blank stare for a minute. And they’re like, well, I don’t know. I never really thought about it. I never really thought about the fact that I can actually do it now.

And it’s an interesting revelation, but I think to pull this all together for you, the power of asking better questions is that on the other side of that, you get to really figure out what you want and then figure out what you would need to do to get it. And sometimes it’s really not a whole lot. Sometimes what you actually really want is just on the other side of a few tweaks in your life. And we just get in this stuck rut of thinking that we can’t have what we actually want, because we’ve never sat down and really worked through it.

So anyway, I think this will be a fun thing for us to work on together. I’m actually just pulling this together as you know, I decided to record this podcast. I haven’t thought a lot of structure around it, but just text me the word questions to 480) 531-7519. And I’ll figure out how to get us into a group. And we’ll do 30 days of where I just, drop questions for you to think about journal. And then, we’ll get some feedback around what it does for us.

So anyway, hope you enjoyed this and go start asking yourself some better questions, start thinking about what you really want, start thinking about why you couldn’t have it. Like, why can’t I do this now? Do I really need to wait 30 years? Those are the types of questions we need to be thinking about. That’ll bring expansion.


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