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Mindset & Money | Committing to the Success of Your Marriage

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Hosted by
Mike Ayala

On this episode of The Investing for Freedom Podcast, Mike speaks about committing to the success of your marriage. Mike shares how lack of commitment from one or both spouses was the No. 1 cause of divorce in the United States. Mike also takes us through the signs of an unsupportive spouse and how you and your partner can overcome this and get on the same page. Mike mentions how one of the things his and Kara’s couples mastermind focus on is making sure you and your partner are aligned with each other. If you are interested in Mike and Kara’s 2022 couples mastermind simply text the word ‘MARRIAGE’ to 4805317519. Mike also shares how he is launching a 9 week live Real Estate Accelerator Program. If this is something you are interested in text the word ‘COURSE’ to 4805317519. Mike explains how nothing great comes easy, but your marriage shouldn’t be super hard. Mike shares his best advice and advises you to seek a mentor if your marriage is full of resistance, challenges and trouble. Mike also offers his support and encourages you to reach out to him if you need any advice or guidance.



0:00 – Intro
1:35 – Mike mentions how this episode is valuable to you even if you are not married
1:43 – If you’re interested in the couple’s mastermind text the word ‘MARRIAGE’ to 4805317519
2:09 – Mike shares how the number one cause of divorce in the united States was lack of commitment from one or both spouses
3:37 – Mike states that it is hard to achieve a dream or a goal with an unsupportive spouse
4:20 – Mike explains how the couple’s mastermind really leans into getting couples aligned so that they can be supportive of each other and each other’s goals
4:51 – Mike shares some common signs of an unsupportive spouse
5:18 – Mike talks about how you can overcome the quandary of being unsupportive
7:00 – Mike mentions how if your goal is to get on the same page as your spouse then you need to be open to changing your goals, behavior and approach
7:12 – Mike shares some active steps you can take that will help you and your partner get on the same page as each other
9:28 – Mike exclaims that it’s not always easy but nothing that’s great is
9:46 – Mike advises you to reach out to a mentor if there is a lot of resistance, trouble and challenge in your marriage
10:11 – Reach out to Mike or Kara through Instagram if you ever need someone to talk to or some advice and guidance
10:46 – Mike is launching a super affordable, live, 9 week Real Estate Accelerator Program. This will be held virtually with Mike, his advisors and you! Mike will take you through 9 different modules based on different types of real estate, why you should invest in real estate, investing mindset, the benefits of taxes and so much more.
12:13 – Text the work ‘COURSE’ to 4805317519 if you are interested in being a part of this course

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