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Mindset & Money | Fear & Faith Cannot Exist Together

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On this episode of Investing For Freedom, Mike inspires us with a quote – “fear and faith cannot exist together”. Mike explains where our limiting beliefs come from and challenges us to trade them for faith in our abilities.

“There’s nothing that will move you from fear to faith faster than being in a zone of inspiration and being around people who truly lift you up.”


0:00 – Intro
0:42 – Mike says that fear and faith cannot exist together
0:58 – Our biggest goals will trigger us to feel fearful or faithful
2:29 – Comparing yourself to others is one of the most detrimental things you can do
3:28 – We’re not born with fear, but people around us often instill limiting beliefs
4:47 – Surrounding yourself with amazing people and not comparing yourself to others is the first step towards faith
6:20 – You’re going to get out of a mentor what you put into the relationship
6:53 – One of the things that keeps us in fear is a lack of knowledge
8:28 – Get into environments that really excite you
10:53 – You create your future, write down your fear and replace it with the opposite


Thank you for joining me on the Investing for Freedom podcast. Today, I’m going to spend a couple of minutes just talking to you about something that I have been thinking about a lot lately, and that is that fear and faith cannot exist together at the same time. You’re either in fear or you’re in faith or else you’re just stagnant and not doing anything. But stick with me here. So in life we have, a lot of the times, you know, the things that you know we want to do, the big dreams that we have, the big goals that we have when we start thinking about that one of two emotions or feelings come up and it’s either fear or it’s faith. And if you just think about this for a second and become aware of it, and that’s the biggest thing that I want you to take away from this today is just learning to become aware of your emotions and your feelings and what you’re feeling around a certain problem that you want to solve, or a dream that you have revision you have.

When you think about it or when you begin to talk about it you are either in fear or you’re in faith, and there are several reasons why you would be in fear. I think really, it’s probably our default, whenever something comes up and you say, I’m going to do this, I’m going to write a book. No, you’re not. Or I’m going to change the world. No, you’re not. There are all these limiting beliefs in our brains that keep us from completing our goals. And really from walking in faith, limiting beliefs you know, it could be lack of knowledge and experience which just literally comes down to putting in the work and becoming more knowledgeable and more experienced. I mean, it’s that simple. One of the big things that could keep us in fear is comparing ourselves. This happens a lot where, you start thinking you want to do something and you’re like, Oh, well, this person already does that. They do it better.

Nobody is going to be able to reach a hundred percent of people. Nobody’s going to be able to reach 5% of people. There are so many people out there that need your product, that need your service, that need your vision, that need your mentoring, that need your coaching. And, you know, comparing yourself is really probably one of the most disastrous things that you could do. And it’ll keep you in fear because you’re not really, you’re not really focusing on what you can do and the value you bring to the world, it’s actually tearing you down because you’re comparing yourself to somebody who’s already doing it better than you.

See there’s some, you know, all these reasons that you know, our upbringing and I was having a conversation the other day, I’m on a trip right now to North Carolina, with 12 guys on this bucket list adventure that my friend Kyle Depiesse put on. He was on one of the previous episodes, you can go back and find it what a great guy. But anyway, you get around these people and we’re having this conversation the other day. And when we’re born, we’re not born with fear. We’re not born with fear in us. We’re not born with these limiting beliefs that we can’t do certain things, but then, you know, over time we fail, and people start telling us, don’t do this. Don’t do that. You can’t always do this. You can’t always do that. The word can’t become ingrained. It’s part of our vocabulary and people don’t intentionally do this usually. But our friends constantly trying to beat us down, our family, our relationships, our parents, we’ve got all these ingrained, limiting beliefs that have been put in us through just words and things other people have said.

I mentioned that I’m in North Carolina right now. I love experiences like this because it gets me in an environment where people challenge my limiting beliefs. And we’re not comparing ourselves to each other. We shift that mindset. When I see somebody, I’m not saying that I don’t deal with fear or comparison or limiting beliefs or lack of knowledge. How do you think I’m sharing this message with you? I deal with it all the time, just like everybody else does. But when you get around environments and people like this and you come at it and this takes training, it takes time. It takes reprogramming your subconscious. It takes reprogramming the words that you speak. But when you get around environments and people who are just amazing and you don’t compare yourself, you use that as an inspiration. That’s the first step toward faith and really becoming a better version of you.

So the bottom line is fear and faith can’t live together. So, what is faith? It literally means it’s a complete trust or confidence in someone. And that someone that I’m talking about right now is you. So how do you, how do you move from fear to faith? And again, this is going to be an ongoing battle. It’s going to be something that, you know creeps up in our brain, no matter how much work you do. You know, we think that some of the most successful brightest people in the world never deal with fear, or they just wake up like ready to go and take on the world. And that’s just not true.

So, you know, here’s a few ways, I’ve already mentioned some of them, but a few ways you can move from fear to faith around something, or just in life, in general, is getting around mentors. If you do not have a mentor in your life, you need to find one. And there’s all this fear around that too. Well, then I’ve got to get raw and I’ve got to get real. And they’re going to see who I really am. Yeah, if you want to move from fear to faith, you got to get a mentor. And then there’s fear around, well, what if I spend the money and I don’t get out of it what I wanted? Well, first off, just, you know, go with your intuition. That’s extremely important because the only way you’re going to receive from someone is if you really like them and you trust them and you have faith in their abilities, so do a little bit of homework, lean into your intuition. And honestly, like you’re going to get as much out of mentoring as you put into it, you could have the best mentor in the world. And if you don’t put a hundred percent in it and you don’t do the work and you don’t get raw and transparent and open and honest; you’re not going to have deep change. You might have some surface change and you might be able to, you know, write down a few quotes and something amazing that they said, but that’s not going to truly move you into a new direction of faith. So, you know, surrounding yourself with mentors, coaches, programs, stuff like that, that’s extremely important. And so, on the note of programs you know, one of the biggest things that keeps us in fear is lack of knowledge. The Bible actually says that my people perish, for a lack of knowledge. They didn’t perish because of a lack of, you know, grit or grind or all these terms that we’re talking about today, they perish because of a lack of knowledge. And so if you’re not in an area of faith around something, and you know, you want to move in a certain direction, whether it’s, you know, being an electrician, being a better newscaster, you want to share the message around financial freedom, whatever it is, you’ve got to be a student of your trade. And so, taking courses and studying and reading, what are the best of the best doing? It’s extremely important.

I’ve kind of alluded to this and I talk about this a lot, but one of the greatest things you can do is getting around people who inspire you and more importantly, leave people who don’t. If you’ve got people around you who are pulling you down and you know, every time you get together, all you’re doing is talking about other people. And you’re pissed off about the fact that you know, this person’s always getting lucky and this person got a promotion. And man, how does she do this and get around people that inspire you and leave people that don’t, this is probably one of the most important things as well is just getting in a zone of inspiration. There’s nothing that’ll move you from fear to faith faster than being in a zone of inspiration and being around people who just truly will lift you up, pick you up and just bring amazing thoughts and challenges to your life and constantly encourage you. That’s how you move from fear to faith.

And then the last thing I’ll say, I’ll wrap it up with this is just getting environments that really get you excited. The fastest way to change your state is to get into a different environment. Whether it’s a state of mind, whether it’s a state of being, you got to get into environments that inspire you because the biggest way to increase your faith is to see bigger things. I remember back when I first started my first company, for whatever reason, I was having this conversation with a friend the other day here on the way to North Carolina. There are certain environments and those could be pockets in the city. It could be environments in your home, and then it could be complete cities in general. So, when I was running my first company, Kara and I used to go over to Salt Lake all the time. And that was just a zone of inspirement for me because it was such an entrepreneurial environment, and there was so much going on there. I just loved going to Salt Lake. And that was a zone of inspiration for me. So, when you find those zones of inspiration make that a place where you come back to, get into environments that inspire you. And the best way to do that is to take trips like I’m on right now, get around amazing people and you know, just stretch. Oh, well, maybe some of you are moving from faith to fear right now, and you’re saying, well, how can I afford these trips? And how can I do that? And I don’t have time. I can’t take off work. You create your future. And so if you can’t currently do that, or you’ve got all these limiting beliefs and all this fear coming up about why you can’t get into a zone of inspiration, or, you know, why you’re not good enough to get around people who inspire you, why would they let me in, all of these things, just be cognizant of those feelings of fear and just take a few minutes when you feel that coming up, identify what it is that’s causing that fear, or what is the limiting belief, write it down and then work toward eliminating that and replace that fear with some level of faith.

And it might even literally be just again, when you identify what the limiting belief is, or what has you in fear, write it down and then replace that with something that you’re going to tell yourself going forward. So, if the fear is around, well, I could never afford to get into an environment like you’re in right now in North Carolina, Mike, write that down. What’s the limiting belief. I have a fear around money. I have fear around you know, people wouldn’t accept me. I wouldn’t qualify for the trip, all these things, whatever the limiting belief is, write it down and then state the opposite. So, if it’s around money, I could never afford that. Write down the question. How can I afford that? And then journal around it? What things could I do in my life to make an extra 5 grand or 10 grand or 20 grand or whatever the number is. I mean, Kara and I spend a lot of money every single year on growth and development. I don’t ask myself the question can I afford this? It’s how can I afford this? And then sometimes I even challenged myself with, can I afford not to do this? Because in order to become who I need to become, I’ve got to spend this money this time, I’ve got to make the investment in time. I’ve got to get around better people. That’s the fastest way to move from fear to faith. Identify the problem. What’s the opposite? Start asking your questions around that, and then just do the inner work.

Again, it could be knowledge. It could just be time around people, inspiring zones, whatever it is, move closer to a better you by living in faith, and getting rid of that fear. And that first step is just identifying it, understanding what it feels like and not being, you know, a zombie walking through your day and living in fear and not recognizing it. So, hope that helps.

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