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Mindset & Money | Intuition vs. Logic

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Mike Ayala

On this episode of Investing for Freedom, Mike talks about your intuitive mind and your logical mind. Mike believes that young entrepreneurs tend to think with their intuitive mind, but as they get older they tend to lean into their logical mind. Mike suggests that a combination of both is ideal.

“Most young investors, most young business people, we’re lead by intuition, but we loose that.”


0:00- Intro
0:38 – Intuition vs. logic – 68% lead by intuition
1:47 – Mike has been on due diligence trips and his intuition says it’s a home run but he’s advised it’s a pass
2:54 – Most young business owners and investors are led by intuition, but they lose that
4:35 – The school system trains us to not use intuition
5:21 – We should use our intuition and then back it up with logic
5:52 – Bob Helms Sr. says that information about a relationship is available at the beginning of it
6:35 – Young entrepreneurs are tapped into their intuition and as time goes on we lean on our logic
7:28 – Quiet time with yourself can bring you back to your intuition
8:52 – Your subconscious is your intuition where logic is in your mind
9:27 – Mike talks about the book Surrender Experiment
10:30 – Allow your logical mind to date your intuitive mind

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