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Mike Ayala

On this episode of The Investing For Freedom Podcast, Mike created a thought provoking and inspiring episode by sharing an example of a limiting belief he fought past that led to amazing achievements not only for himself, but for others. Mike encourages you to think about whatever you’ve been fearful of in the past, a limiting belief you have, and start to move past it so that you can improve yourself and potentially inspire someone else!



0:00 – Intro
0:35 – Mike mentions how this episode will cover the topic of what are you stealing from the world as a result of your limiting beliefs
0:56 – Mike talks about how he is in Cabo San Lucas with five amazing couples from the couples mastermind
1:17 – Mike mentions how one of the women from the group was speaking about how she had a major life changed due to the couples mastermind and listening to other people inspiring her
1:47 – Mike speaks about how if you’re finding marriage hard you have to really search to find out why as marriage should be easy
2:29 – Mike mentions how his coach Dr. John Ryan came and spoke to the group which was so helpful and it just shows that not only is it about you showing up but you also need to facilitating bigger rooms for people
2:46 – Mike talks about what would of happened if he and Kara listened to their limiting beliefs of ‘what if no one shows up, who’s going to buy this, what if we don’t have enough to offer’
3:55 – Mike encourages you to think about how much you are leaving on the table not just for yourself but for other people that you’re meant to influence just by listening to your limiting beliefs
4:19 – Mike states imagine being on your deathbed and realizing you could’ve done and been so much more
5:01 – Mike states that you can impact one person just by showing up
5:28 – Mike asks you to send him a direct message on Instagram or email him at if you’re listening to this podcast
6:21 – Mike wants to challenge you to whatever you’ve been fearful of in the past, move past it because it will force you to rise up and make you a better person




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Thank you for joining me on the investing for freedom podcast. Today, I’m going to ask you a question and we’ll probably keep this short today because I really want you to go ponder this and see what it is that you’re stealing from the world because of your fear, because of your limiting beliefs, because of the things that are keeping you from showing up in the world, the way that you should and the way that you’re called to.


I’m sitting here in Cabo San Lucas amazing house that we’ve rented with five other amazing couples at the couples mastermind that Kara and I put on and I was sitting around the table just having conversations with people that have been with us since January. Some of the couples that are in the group as we were waiting for everybody to show up. And, you know, one of the women in the group was talking about a major, major life change that they’ve had because of their time in the couple’s mastermind. And because of, you know, us just getting around them and inspiring them and because of other people in the group inspiring them. And I’ve started thinking about it, you know, Kara and I have been talking about doing this couple’s mastermind for a couple years, really. It’s something that’s always in our heart, you know, like really just mentoring and leading other couples.


You know, we’ve often said that, if marriage is hard, you have to really search to why cause marriage should be easy and you know, marriage has been easy for us. Not that it’s always easy, but it’s been pretty easy. And the reason why is cause we’re always looking for commonality, we’re always looking to stretch ourselves, getting better rooms. Become a bigger person.


So we’ve had this idea of starting this couple’s mastermind and you know, here comes the limiting beliefs that we all have like, well, what if nobody signs up? What if nobody shows up you know, what do we really have to offer them? And then you get in the room with these guys and you have an amazing two or three days, like what we had in January. And then we get on these monthly calls. You know, we expose them to other coaches and mentors that are in our life like Chris and Lori harder. And you know, some of my coach, Dr. John Ryan came in and spoke to them, just all these things. So it’s not only just, you know, about us showing up it’s about us facilitating, you know, she made this comment that their life has been drastically changed and it’s not only by us, it’s by the room that we’ve put together.

And so what I want to challenge you on, It made me realize that, you know, what, if we had listened to our limiting beliefs, what if we had listened to the negative self-talk. What if we had, you know, bought into the fact that maybe we don’t have enough to offer and who’s going to show up and who’s going to buy this, think about how many lives we don’t impact by listening to our limiting beliefs. And then we got into a conversation about the legacy aspect, the fact that we have influenced these couples, imagine the people that they’re going to go out and influence, and just that ripple down effect, changes that are happening in their families. And you know, and the people around them and who knows what they’re going to go on and do. The next generation should always be better than you are. And I don’t mean just the next generation in our family. I mean the next generation in the people that we mentor as we impart our gifts and we teach them and we challenge them, they should leave our presence and our mentorship better than, you know, what we found them to begin with. And they should go off and that next generation of leader should make a bigger impact.


And so the question that I have for you is, you know, how much are you leaving on the table, not just for yourself, but for other people that you’re meant to influence by, you know, just living and believing and buying into those negative thoughts and self-doubts, and the limiting beliefs, who are you robbing from, Because you’re scared to show up in your true self. And by the way, at the end of the day, it’s not about everybody else. It’s really about you and finding your fulfilled life and your true calling and gifts, you know, imagine being on your deathbed and just realizing that you could have been so much more, you could have done so much more. That’s not a place that I want to be. And so, you know, if you’re unfulfilled in life and you realize that you’re not making an impact the way that you know, you can, and we can always do better. But if you know that you’re not making an impact the way you can and the way you should, just back to earlier times in your life, when you caught glimpses of how amazing you want to be, and you dreamed bigger, and you’ve suppressed that because of fear and you know, those self-doubts and the thoughts and you know, what will people think and what if nobody shows up all those limiting beliefs that I’m talking about, you know, what, it just takes one. And that’s part of the conversation that we were having today.

If you just impact one person by showing up, whether it’s a podcast or a book you’re supposed to write, or you want to, you know, create a monthly meetup or whatever it is that you want to do, you want to create a small mastermind group, like the couple’s mastermind that Kara and I did, or you want to create an online course or whatever it is for you. This is why I get so excited about even doing this podcast. Cause we get to show up every single day and make an impact. Half the time I don’t even know who’s listening. By the way, do me a favor. If you’re listening, shoot me a DM on Instagram or email me at and tell me, Hey, I’m listening because you know, there’s almost not a week that goes by that I don’t get some kind of feedback, but that’s what keeps just going. It’s just my gift to the world. And the thing again, that I want to challenge you is what are you leaving on the table? Who are you robbing from because of your fears and limiting beliefs and everything else. And ultimately it’s yourself. You know, you’re robbing from what a fulfilled purpose filled impact life really means and looks like to you.


So just, you know, I’m hearing Cabo, like I said, super excited. Just wanted to challenge you guys because if we had listened to our doubts and fears and limiting beliefs, we wouldn’t be today. And these couples wouldn’t have their lives impact the way that they have. So wanted to challenge you, whatever you’ve been fearful of and left on the table, move past that, just get moving because all it takes is one life, impacting one life, making a change in one life and it’ll make you a better person.

And it’ll, you know, it’ll cause you to rise up. And so the way to start moving through that though is to just start moving. It’s just do the next right thing. It’s get moving. As I talk about the power steering all the time some of you are too young, but you know, you can’t steer in a vehicle that doesn’t have power steering unless you’re moving. And so just get out there, get moving. Hopefully that challenges, you get unstuck, dream a little bit, challenge yourself and go make an impact in the world.


If you’ve found value in this episode, and, you know someone who’s wanting to start or move further along in their journey toward investing for freedom, I would be forever grateful if you would share this show with them and help me get this message out to more listeners. Also, if you enjoy what you’ve heard, I would appreciate it if you take 30 seconds and leave me a five star review and share this with your friends and until the next episode, cheers to moving further along in your journey of investing for freedom.





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