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Mindset & Money | Rents Due. Thoughts on Real Estate

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On this episode of the Investing for Freedom podcast, Mike talks about the eviction moratorium being overturned, and how rents will increase over the next couple of years. Mike explains why it’s a good thing the moratorium has been lifted, as well as why locking in a 30 year mortgage could be one of the most valuable things you can get.



0:00 – Intro
1:25 – Mike thanks the forefathers and their insight and wisdom
2:13 – The government is super slow and the private sector is so much more efficient
2:37 – Be careful where you invest
3:20 – 3.5 million people are facing eviction, as Mike talks about how he always tries to help the tenants out
4:00 – Charity is a choice, the GoBundance guys raised $300,000
4:58 – Landlords have a right to get paid for their services
5:50 – We are a nation of laws, not a nation of men
6:27 – Mike doesn’t think God ever intended us to have a king
7:32 – People don’t understand how blessed they are to live in America
8:39 – Congress put out 46.5 billion in rental assistance, yet only 3 billion was released by July
9:57 – A taco shop Mike seen was paying $17/hr
11:00 – The price of real estate has skyrocketed recently, and Mike predicts rents to rise as a result
12:43 – If you lock in a 30 year mortgage, that locked in interest rate is probably one of the most valuable things you can have
14:02 – Landlords have a right to be compensated
15:06 – Buying property is the same or cheaper than it is to build
16:08 – It’s pretty obvious if your investment minded where you should be invested
17:44 – Real estate is probably a great investment because it’s only going to get harder
18:30 – If you’re an accredited investor you can reach out to mike via email at


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