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Mindset & Money | The Retirement Crisis

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Mike Ayala

As most of us are looking forward to a future that will involve taking a step back from working out of desire or necessity— the facts and figures surrounding retirement in America should have us all very concerned.

Listen in for a look at what’s headed our way when it comes to retirement as a country. Find out why we may want to re-think the things we’ve been taught about investing and planning for the future. Also, most importantly, if you find that retirement will be out of reach for you like it might be for most people, hear what you can do to start to change that.

“If you just really start changing your thought process and your intentions, I can guarantee you the one thing that I can promise you is that you’ll begin seeing changes in your life. And step by step, you’ll be able to increase the net worth of your household.” -Mike Ayala


  • [00:00] Intro
  • [00:17] Staggering numbers from the Federal Reserve
  • [01:12] The gap between retirement and the average net worth
  • [02:44] What needs to change
  • [03:58] What to do if you’re in the bottom 50%
  • [06:03] Summary and outro


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