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Mindset & Money | What is the Good in Your Life That is Keeping You From the Great?

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Hosted by
Mike Ayala

In this episode of the Investing for Freedom Podcast Mike asks the question, what is the good in your life that is keeping you from the great? Mike explains how being able to adjust has been the key to his success. Mike also speaks about learning to lean into your intuition and how you don’t always have to have it all figured out. This episode reminds you that life will start aligning for you when you start getting curious about the greatness that the future holds and leaving the past in the past.

“What is the good in your life that is keeping you from the great?”


0:00 – Intro
0:29 – Mike asks what are you holding onto in your current life that is keeping you from achieving what is great ahead of you
2:39 – Mike speaks about how life happens quickly and how it is an uncomfortable feeling as we’re not used to it
4:19 – Mike mentions how he thinks the key to his success is the ability to adjust and explains this further with examples
5:44 – Mike encourages you to adjust. Don’t continue a life you don’t enjoy. When you get curious about what is great, the great that you’re missing because you’re focused on the good – that’s when life gets interesting
9:18 – Mike speaks about how he and Kara have learned to lean into their intuition and now they don’t have to have everything figured out before they do something
10:15 – What are you missing out on that’s great in the world because you’re settling for the good
11:29 – Mike speaks about scripture that reminds him of leaving the good for the great. Mike mentions that he believes we’re not meant to look backward, we’re meant to be progressing forwards
13:21 – Mike states that things just start aligning for you when you start getting curious about the great
14:37 – Mike talks about when people say “I don’t want to leave the house my kids grew up in and have all their childhood memories in” and mentions how that is in the past! You can’t achieve the greatness that’s ahead of you unless you leave the past in the past
16:02 – Mike states ‘Don’t let the good keep you from achieving the great’
16:50 – We cannot be looking backward if we want to achieve and experience the great
16:56 – Mike concludes this episode with the question, what in your life, that is good, is keeping you from the great
17:06 – Mike encourages you to DM him on Instagram @themikeayala or email him- and let him know what your answer is


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