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Mindset & Money | What’s Hard is to Decide

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Hosted by
Mike Ayala

On this episode of The Investing for Freedom podcast, Mike discusses making decisions. Mike mentions how what’s hard is to decide. Mike shares that the process of getting what you want from your own life is: figuring out what you want, working out why you want it, deciding what you’re going to do to get there, measuring results and adjusting. Mike speaks about how fear holds us back and you need make decisions based on the information you have. Mike talks about how oftentimes, if you think it through, your worst case scenario is the life you’re currently living. Mike also challenges you to think through what you know you really want to do in life that you’re hesitating on – and go for it.



0:00 – Intro
0:35 – Mike shares some information on his new real estate accelerator program
1:25 – This course begins in January and you can sign up now through

1:36 – Mike mentions how this podcast will cover the topic of making decisions
2:14 – Mike states that oftentimes the hardest part about what we do in life is deciding
2:22 – Mike shares his process: figure out what you want, ask yourself why you really want it, decide what you’re going to do to get there, measure results and adjust
2:35 – Mike speaks about how if you really think through your worst case scenario, usually it’s what you’re doing and where you’re at right now
3:50 – Mike states that what’s hard is to decide
4:05 – Mike and Kara share some information of their 2022 Couples Mastermind beginning in January
5:12 – Sign up today for one of the limited spots now through

5:18 – Mike shares a story that he heard from Norman Shwarzkopf on making decisions
7:49 – Mike talks about how so many people wrestle on making decisions about everything: life, jobs, investing, relationships
8:22 – Mike reiterates that what’s hard is to decide
8:34 – Mike mentions how he thinks the guy who can make more mistakes faster are going to win more often than the people who get stuck on making decisions
8:57 – Mike states that we’re so frozen with fear when making decisions sometimes but you just need to figure out what you want your life to look like and just go for it
10:08 – Mike challenges you to think through what you know you really want to do in life that you’re hesitating on and really think about what the worst case scenario if you go for that is
10:23 – Mike states that fear holds us back from so many amazing things in life
10:31 – Mike mentions how you can make adjustments but what’s hard is to decide






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