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Mindset & Money | You Don’t Need Permission

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Mike Ayala

On this episode of Investing For Freedom, Mike is joined by his wife Kara Ayala. Mike and Kara discuss big life changes happening within their lives and how they navigate through those changes. Listen to learn more about having freedom around the decisions you make in life.

“When we look backward and look at all the major changes in our life and the times in life that have really propelled us, it was really just leaning into intuition.”


0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Kara speaks about how we tend to think we need to have everything figured out in life before we start making moves, but that really isn’t true
1:43 – Kara tells us about their recent anniversary trip to Austin and the importance of prioritizing time together and getting away from their kids and business
8:38 – Mike and Kara speak about moving to Austin and how cool it is to see their kids be excited for them to move there
9:50 – Mike states that he and Kara have built their lives to be free so that they can be wherever they want and do whatever they want
10:21 – Mike talks about how we come up with all these reasons as to why we can’t do certain things and in reality, they’re just limiting beliefs
12:47 – Even though leaning into your intuition is the right thing to do, it doesn’t mean that it’s easy.
19:00 – You need to be ok with being uncomfortable and be ok with the unknown
23:47 – Kara speaks about how people can get attached to a career that they hate but they feel they can’t leave because they’ve put so much time, money, and effort into that career
27:27 – Stop shrinking to fit places you’ve outgrown
30:27 – Mike talks about how nurturing his relationships has aided him with his move to Austin
31:52 – People are always looking for something instead of thinking about what can they provide for other people. Relationship capital is the greatest capital humans can have
34:10 – We’re not stuck – if you don’t love the relationships you have in your life then go find new ones, if you don’t love where you live then move, if you don’t love your job then find a new one.
34:42 – There is always a solution, there’s always another way
36:04 – If something keeps coming up for you and you have fear around it, then ask yourself why does it keep coming up? What are you actually scared of? And what’s the worst thing that could happen?

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