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Mindset & Money | Your Hidden Rituals Will Be Exposed

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On this episode of The investing For Freedom Podcast, Mike discusses how your hidden rituals will be exposed. Mike speaks about how the information we consume in our minds can harm us mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Mike expresses how for many people, hidden rituals are just a product of convince and access. Mike also talks about how to invest the right way so that you can truly create and grow financially.



0:00 – Intro
0:36 – Mike explains how this episode will cover the topic of how your hidden rituals will be exposed
0:41 – Mike states that sometimes we need to simplify the goal
0:53 – Mike mentions how we should set on sights on becoming an accredited investor so that we can have access to the things the wealthy invest in
1:31 – Mike begins to talk us through how our hidden rituals will be exposed
3:02 – Mike states that what we consume with our minds can harm us in many ways including mentally, emotionally and even spiritually
3:14 – Mike shares that social media has been proven to cause depression and insecurity
4:46 – Mike explains how for many people their hidden rituals are a product of convince and access
6:11 – Mike states that mainstream investing doesn’t work and that’s why millions of retirement age Americans are ill prepared for retirement
7:32 – Mike speaks about how private placements in real estate and private equity can highly effective in creating and growing wealth
8:27 – Mike mentions how he truly believes that there are forces at play that we don’t see that are really trying to numb us with the way we think about things
9:18 – Text the word ‘INVESTMENTS’ to 4805317519 if you’re interested in looking at some of the investments Mike has to offer as an accredited investor



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