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Pursuing Purpose: How Seena Ghetmiri Left Dentistry for a Dream in Real Estate

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In today’s episode, we’re joined by Seena Ghetmiri, a former dentist who gave it all up and started investing in real estate. Seena shares his transformative story, revealing how he traded dental drills to dive deep into the heart of real estate. He opens up about the critical decisions, philosophies, and strategies that have shaped his success in the Airbnb market and broader real estate trends. Beyond business, Seena provides a personal glimpse into his life, discussing the synergy of working alongside his wife and the joys and challenges of traveling and parenting a young child. This episode promises a blend of professional insights, personal revelations, and the unique perspective of a man who boldly reshaped his destiny beyond the confines of traditional career paths. Join us for a journey that’s not just about changing careers, but about reimagining life itself with Seena Ghetmiri.

If you enjoyed this and you want to hear more from Seena, check out his Instagram @seena.ghetmiri, and check out his podcast he does with his wife “Ghet Investing”!

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