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Real Estate Frontiers: Trends, Strategies, and Economic Insights

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Welcome back to the King’s Table Podcast, but wait, this week’s episode is being hosted on Aaron Amuchastegui’s Real Estate Rockstars podcast. I highly encourage you go and listen to this one, because it’s GOOD. We are discussing the future of the King’s Table podcast, our reflections on real estate, the intricate position of the commercial real estate market, and much more, so don’t miss out!

If you have an opinion on where you think the King’s Table podcast should be hosted and want to let your voice be heard, email me your thoughts at or dm me on Instagram. 

And lastly, if you’re an accredited investor that’s interested in a passive investment opportunity producing 12-14% depending on the length of your investment, go to to learn more, and if you don’t know whether you qualify as an accredited investor, reach out to me on Instagram or email me at mike@michaelayala and I can help you find out if you’re accredited or not. 

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