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Rob Murgatroyd | Who Told You That?

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Hosted by
Mike Ayala

On this episode of The Investing for Freedom Podcast, Mike is joined by guest Rob Murgatryod. Mike and Rob discuss doing more or what you love and less of what you don’t. Mike and Rob speak about the impact someone simply showing us what is possible can have and we need to re-wire our brains to seek the freedom we desire instead of complying to the life other people have pre-fashioned for us. Mike and Rob also talk about nature, nurture and neighborhood and how Rob made the move to Italy to achieve his dream life.



0:00 – Intro
0:36 – Mike shares a brief introduction to his guest Rob
2:13 – Rob explains how Tony Robins has had the greatest impact on his life
3:50 – Mike states that sometimes we just need somebody to show us what’s possible
4:23 – Rob speaks how his ability to manage his state has had the greatest impact on his success
6:16 – Rob talks about his greatest setback in life and what he learned from it
10:06 – Rob explains why ‘Do more of what you love and less of what you don’t’ is the piece of advice he finds himself sharing the most
10:59 – Rob speaks about what freedom means for him
13:35 – Rob shares a personal story about a dinner he had with a friend that had that helped him completely shift his mindset
20:35 – Mike speaks about how we are so programmed to compare ourselves to what other people have pre-fashioned for us
20:45 – Rob explains the two things that got him to make the move to Italy
23:00 – Rob shares the thoughts he was having about what his dream life in Italy would look like before he made the move
27:58 – Rob shares his advice to anyone listening who is thinking ‘wow that’s great that you could do that but I can’t’ and explains how in fact, you can!
30:58 – Rob states that there’s a difference between making a decision and resolve; you have to make the decision and set a time line
32:42 – Mike asks Rob if he thinks the way he was brought up has had an impact on his ability to make those types of decisions
34:37 – Rob speaks about taking responsibility and letting go of things that are potentially just holding you back
40:47 – Rob shares a Tony Robins quote: ‘the strongest need in the human condition is our desire to remain consistent with how we define ourselves’
43:49 – Rob talks about the cultural difference surrounding work in America and Italy
46:02 – Rob states that he thinks there’s nature (DNA), nurture (Parents) and neighborhood (environment)
49:01 – Rob expresses why he chose Italy and what were the driving factors that drew him to Italy
53:50 – Mike speaks about a family trip he was on right before the lockdown in Arizona where they began asking the question ‘who told you that?’
55:45 – Rob uses a balloon as a metaphor and explains how when you take a balloon and expand it, it can never go back to the shape it was – it has grown. Rob encourages you to just get the balls to do whatever that thing is you wanted to do to
56:38 – Rob speaks about the events he hosts around the world for entrepreneurs
1:01:55 – Make sure to check out Rob’s Podcast, The Work Hard Play Hard Podcast
1:01:07 – You can contact Rob through the website




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