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Sean Ade | Buying Businesses as Assets

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Hosted by
Mike Ayala

On this episode of the investing for freedom podcast, Mike talks to Sean Ade. Sean goes through Mike’s 4 questions and talks about some of the amazing things he’s doing. Sean talks about his experience in GoBundance and offers great advice and insight into some useful things such as partnerships and meditation.

“Some people are just meant to be employees”


0:00 –  Intro and background to Sean
2:08 – Sean’s Mom and Dad and Neil Collins have had the greatest impact on his life
5:08 – Mike recalls when Sean reached out to Mike when he wanted to buy a hotel
7:22 – Sean showed up to help and work hard and people noticed in GoBundance
8:11 – Mike asks what one thing has had the greatest impact on Sean’s life is
10:46 – If Sean hadn’t have elevated himself, he wouldn’t be talking to Mike today
12:40 – Sean goes into what his greatest setback was and what he learned from it
14:57 – Some people are just meant to be employees, but Investing for Freedom listeners are probably not those people
16:18 – Sean passed up getting his license at 21 because 100% commission scared him
17:51 – Sean’s parents have both owned businesses, but wouldn’t consider them very entrepreneurial
18:34 – Mike asks what the advice sean finds himself sharing the most
20:51 – Sean talks about the traits which stood out to him when he got in the room
23:59 – Mike asks if sean today met Sean from 5 years ago what would he say?
26:30 – Sean talks about when he was 22 and did a job he didn’t like, he never spent any time in his head and just expected things to change
28:23 – Mike recalls when he was learning how to meditate and his subconscious mind would solve complex problems
30:26 – It took Sean 6-7 months to learn how to breathe properly and he now gets thrown off when he doesn’t meditate, and now sometimes ideas come out left and right when he meditates
32:04 – Mike has learned when he’s not in the right zone and then meditates, he comes out refreshed, and believes this is behind why power naps are so powerful, something which Sean backs up
34:32 – Sean talks about how he took the plunge
39:18 – Sean recalls the night he called Mike about the hotel
40:40 – What matters in life is you can learn from anyone, and GoBundance is a who not how mindset, as mike talks about the benefits of partnerships
44:22 – Sean would have had so many sleepless nights and stress if he didn’t partner on it
46:00 – Mike invested $180,000 in consultants and coaching and if Sean didn’t have Nigel’s negotiation skills he would have overpaid for the business
50:58 – Sean speaks about how people can order online kits and build their own terrarium from the business
51:47 – To speak to Sean about franchising you can contact him through Instagram; @seanade or through email
52:39 – Mike encourages Sean to discuss the laundromat he recently purchased
56:0 – Mike states that the takeaway from this episode is you just have to get in the game 


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