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The Art of Sales & Investing in Your People with Mike Escorza

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Join us in this captivating episode as I chat with the remarkable Mike Escorza, an authorized Grant Cardone licensee, and the mastermind behind Valley Sales Coaching & Consulting.

We delve into Mike’s journey as we uncover how he ventured into the world of sales, realizing that it’s not merely about closing deals but a dynamic process. Discover the gems of wisdom he acquired, transforming his perception of sales and its intricacies. Explore the concept of being an “intrapreneur,” someone who operates within an existing business while embodying the entrepreneurial spirit. Uncover Mike’s thoughts on thinking and acting like a business owner within another framework. Discover the awe-inspiring lessons Mike has gleaned from his collaboration with Grant Cardone. Gain insights into the invaluable teachings that have shaped his approach to sales and business. Unravel the deeper layers of sales as Mike unveils its profoundly personal nature, going beyond the surface-level perceptions. Explore how establishing genuine connections forms the core of successful sales strategies.

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Tune in and discover the artistry behind successful salesmanship, where every conversation is an opportunity, every interaction a connection, and every transaction a meaningful exchange. 

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