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Tick It Before You Kick It with Trav Bell

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Today, we’re thrilled to welcome a truly special guest: Trav Bell. Widely known as the “Bucket List Guy”, Trav is not only an accomplished author but also an inspiring TedX speaker and a transformative life coach.

Our enlightening conversation revolves around the philosophy of the bucket list. What drives Trav’s conviction that everyone should have one? We explore the deep-seated purpose behind this and the journey that led him to such an awakening.

Mental wellness and finding purpose in life go hand-in-hand. As we navigate the realm of passions, Trav shares valuable perspectives on merging what you love with your profession, ensuring not just a successful but also a fulfilling life. Moreover, we understand the pivotal role of having clear values and the profound influence they have on our decisions and life path.

And here’s something you wouldn’t want to miss: An exclusive offer for our listeners! Be among the first ten to text ‘bucket list’ to 480-531-7519 and you’ll receive a complimentary copy of Trav’s groundbreaking book, “My Bucket List Blueprint”.

To stay connected with Trav and absorb more of his wisdom, visit his official website, For those active on social media, search “thebucketlistguy” on your favorite platforms to join his journey of inspiration, updates, and exhilarating bucket list adventures.

Join us as we journey through a conversation aimed at making every moment of life count with the unparalleled Trav Bell!

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