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Tim Rhode | How to Find Your Most Fulfilling Life & Go After it with Passion

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What could a bit of tenacity do for your life and your finances? For today’s guest, it was a game changer.

On today’s show, successful investor and Gobundance founder Tim Rhode talks about getting the goods, finding fulfillment and growing into service. Hear how he hustled in the start of his real estate career and he ultimately built a life of abundance.

Whether you’re living paycheck to paycheck or just looking for your next step— you’ll find Tim’s advice on planning and pursuing an elevated life to be inspiring. Listen in to hear about the pivotal moments, influences and thoughts that led him to where he is today.

“I’ve created this just magnificent life for myself and as kind of like I’ve seen Oz and I want to take as many with me as possible.” -Tim Rhode


  • [00:01] Episode Overview
  • [01:02] Intro
  • [01:35] Meet Tim Rhode
  • [02:10] Who has had the greatest impact on his life
  • [02:47] The one thing that’s had the greatest impact on his success
  • [03:05] His greatest setback and what he learned from it
  • [04:08] The advice he finds himself sharing the most
  • [05:11] What Tim’s most fulfilling life looks like
  • [08:23] Founding Gobundance
  • [10:47] Genuine contributions, age defying health and quality relationships
  • [12:25] Hustling early on
  • [14:07] Living off of his horizontal income
  • [18:31] Being intentional about life and surrounding himself with the right people
  • [21:03] Founding One Life Fully Lived and the desire to serve
  • [24:40] Working with One Life Fully Lived
  • [27:05] One life roadmap workshops
  • [28:56] Evolving and finding his calling
  • [30:43] Advice for those living paycheck to paycheck
  • [32:38] The journey, regrets and locking in his voyage
  • [36:04] How you can get started with your own plan
  • [39:07] Outro



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Mike Ayala 00:01

Today we have Tim Rhode on the investing for freedom podcast. I’m really excited about this episode. If there’s a guy that really just, I guess mirrors what I really want out of life, it’s Tim Rhode. One of the things that you know, when I asked him the question, what is the piece of advice you find yourself sharing the most? He’s like, go out there and live your most fulfilling life. You’re just going to love the passion and energy that this guy brings to life in general. But he’ll bring that out in the episode. Tim Tim has this saying called Get the goods in the woods and everywhere we go anytime I’ve ever been with Tim, all he wants to do is go out snowboard and be outside go mountain biking. He’s just a guy that’s so full of energy. Here’s what’s really cool when we talk about investing for freedom, I think Tim’s been retired for like the last three decades or four decades or something like that. I’m gonna price slaughter the amount of time but Tim went after what he really wanted to, you know, kind of a pretty young age and retired and started investing passively and I mean, he’s lived that way. I literally think for like three decades or something. So let’s get into the show you guys really gonna be appreciate this. Here’s Tim Rhode.

Intro 01:02

Are you looking for freedom? Freedom from the daily grind and hustle? Or just finding a way to live the life you always wanted? Then join us on the investing for freedom podcast, our host, Mike Ayala will help you discover new ways to find freedom with tips, insights and interviews. You’ll learn the exact systems he’s used to travel the world and live his best life. True success and happiness are all about freedom. And here’s your roadmap on how to find freedom on your own terms. Welcome to the investing for freedom podcast. Here’s your host, Mike Ayala.

Mike Ayala 01:35

Our guest on the show today is Tim Rhode who has become a mentor of mine over the last year. Tim is one of the founders of Gobundance, which we will get into more later. But one of the main reasons I wanted to have him on the show is because he’s lived for many years now what I like to call his best life, he has designed his life around the freedom number and really commits his time to doing what makes him happy and giving back to others as well. We’re gonna get into some awesome things today, Tim, welcome to the show.

Tim Rhode 01:55

Hey, thanks for having me on, Michael. I look forward to helping your guests dream plan and live their very best life possible.

Mike Ayala 02:04

Tim, we’re really excited to have you, buddy. I’m looking forward to it. So I’m gonna dive right into the four questions.

Mike Ayala 02:10

So question number one that I always ask my guests is who’s had the greatest impact on your life Tim?

Tim Rhode 02:14

I have to say a series of mentors. I barely graduated high school. I never went to college, but I’ve stayed in the University of life. And if you can main somebody that had a program or was a motivational speaker, or taught sales or negotiation, you know, anything I could learn I was just a sponge. So there’s just not one name, but just a series of teachers and mentors that I saw when the student was ready as that came up.

Mike Ayala 02:47

That’s awesome. So number two, if you could narrow it down to one thing that has had the greatest impact on your success, what would it be?

Tim Rhode 02:54

I would say my daily tenacity. There’s there’s just not a single day of A year that I don’t wake up around four or five in the morning, Sam Well, I’m yeah.

Mike Ayala 03:05

That’s awesome. So what was your greatest setback? And what do you learn from it?

Tim Rhode 03:09

And I think I think it would be like when my parents split up when I was 12 my life really went awry. And it took me until like 25 to get it together and then I married the wrong lady. And and so so when I first started my career and I’m just starting to rock and roll I went through a divorce myself and and with two young children. So that was those two things were the biggest setbacks. What I what I’d love to see that outcome though, is my x now lives in Reno, Nevada, as do all my kids, her kids, and we’re one giant family unit where we get together for all the holidays.

Mike Ayala 03:51

Wow, that’s that’s amazing how you guys have been able to keep that together and I really appreciated when we were in Aspen, you kind of shared that story with me and I love the um I guess just the… the way that you guys have, you know, look past all that and stayed together gather as just a family in a group. So that’s pretty cool. I commend you for that.

Mike Ayala 04:08

So number four, what is the piece of advice you find yourself sharing the most?

Tim Rhode 04:13

A piece of advice I share the most I would say, um, it’s just what my gig is, you know, how do you find your most fulfilling life and go after it with passion? Because that’s just where my heart is. So I find people whether I’m mentoring somebody in prison, or somebody who’s a go abundance champion, you know, anything in between? I just love the focus on that piece of life and how do you make it happen.

Mike Ayala 04:42

That’s cool. I love the way that you say your most fulfilling life. I just I love the way that different people, you know, Best Live your most fulfilling life. What would I just I love the way you say that. So I appreciate that.

Mike Ayala 04:54

Cool. So one of the main reasons that I decided to do the investing for freedom podcast is to really expose our listeners to people like you, that does have determined what freedom looks like or as you said, Your most fulfilling life and have designed their life around that whether it’s through different income streams, different businesses around what they really want.

Mike Ayala 05:11

So first off, if you wouldn’t mind maybe just tell our listeners what your life looks like today. What’s an ideal for you? An ideal day. What what is your most fulfilling life?

Tim Rhode 05:19

Well, first of all, let me tell you what felling means to me. It’s success with depth. If you think about it, there’s there’s really two mountains in life. And the first one is the mountain. You know, I think most of you are climbing right now. It’s success. It’s financial freedom, if it’s a finding relationships that work for you, and being part of teams and stuff like that successful groups, and making great things happen. So so that’s mountain number one, mountain number two is is when you’ve done that and you have that financial freedom and, and and everything you always wanted. Figuring out along the way What the heck is that? And how can I do that over and over? So today I find my life I’m focused on four things one family, they’re all close I’m really fortunate. A great day for me includes a walk with my wife and my dog on a sunny day, you know, just walking around the neighborhood and, and talking about her things you know, that’s that’s a really good day. So So family finances are all done I don’t do I spend like 5% of my time on wealth building stuff just monitoring money. My main passion is our charity one life fully live. And as some of your listeners probably know, I like to get the goods in the woods and keep I’m 60 years old and I think I hit the financial fitness of somebody in their 30s and and and the mental still getting up around four or five Santa’s let me add on that that Geist for light. So that’s what fulfillment looks like to me and having an amazing view, which I’m looking out at snowcapped the mountains, just this nice mountain range after mountain range after mountain range, and I’ve skied that I’ve skied that, you know, so it’s, it’s, I’ve created this just magnificent life for myself and as kind of like I’ve seen Oz and I want to take as many with me as possible.

Mike Ayala 07:25

man that that is just so exciting, like just such an inspiring story. And I got to tell, just for our listeners that don’t know you. What I love about you, Tim is like you bring this level of energy that this isn’t just for the podcast, like this is the level of energy you bring to everything you do, and I just I commend you for that. I really have to, I just really have to say thank you for that. Because every time you show up, it’s You’re the same way. It’s just always full out. So I appreciate that.

Tim Rhode 07:51

Yeah, well, that’s because I have found, um, you know, I talked about this before this fulfillment triangle, I figured out what Where do I fit and where am I thriving? And Michael you know this. You know you wake up every day doing doing things you love to do with people you love to do it and so fewer you know doing… Where do my passions meet my talents where there’s opportunity? Think about that yeah for yourself and for those you love. Figuring that out.

Mike Ayala 08:23

It’s so cool It’s so inspiring. So tell tell me a little bit about go abundance and just kind of the backstory and how you and David and pat met maybe just for our listeners that don’t know what Gobundance is. Just give us the high level view and how you guys came together?

Tim Rhode 08:40

Sure. Well, first of all we’re… Gobundance is a tribe for healthy, wealthy, generous people who choose to lead epic lives. And the reason I say people used to be just men choose to lead up a climb. And recently we’ve started a women’s tribe. There’s fambundance for families. So there’s been Some offshoots and it’s really grown into something beautiful. But it all started really with it with patent David met at a Dr. Fred gross gr-o-s-s-e conference back in the late 90s. started a two man mastermind group met me in 2004. And I think I brought a unique piece. They were just at the time, up to 2004. How hard could you work? They had a contest who work the most hours in a day. They met me at a money conference, actually a financial conference. They said, what do you do Tim? I said, I ski. They said, What do you mean you ski? I said, Well, I worked hard. I sold a lot of homes. I invested wisely and I and I’m selling everything and the callee craze that’s coming up. I’m selling everything right into the top and I want to know what’s next. But but like i go i buy one home a month I flip it and I spend like 25 days a month. Just hiking and Skiing and abalone diving in the ocean just thinking about what’s my next incarnation? or What am I going to do next? And then I come back and my team will have gotten that home ready to sell and a few homes ready for me to buy. And they were doing all the just kind of leg work at that flipping business. And, and we so so right when all of that was going down, we started talking about, you know, what would it look like if we grew this? Because we went on small trips with six of us and nine of us then we had our first event with 14, and then it grew to 35. And that always kept this really cool vibe centered around our six pillars. So

Mike Ayala 10:47

That’s really cool. And I love the six pillars of the six pillars. We won’t go into the depth on all six of them, but what what do you kind of relate with the most

Tim Rhode 10:56

um, I would say I take three Have them you know, really seriously number one genuine contribution, I just really stand for that within our tribe because I’ve discovered, you know that part of my fulfillment is I get the gift of giving back, I get to lift people from all walks of life, we really concentrate on helping those that never get our message of, of, you know, figuring out where you fit and doing the hard work, inner work of vision planning, relationships, finances and wellness to make that all happen. So, so, number one would be genuine contribution. Number two would be Age defying health I want to be hiking and ski mountains when I’m 80 years old. And and to do that I need to stay thin, I need to move a lot. I need to, you know, get the goods that pretty much every day and avoid stress, you know, avoid injury. So, so that’s number two and number three, I’d say is quality relationships, every single team I want to be on? I want to be a valued member, I want to be respected by my tears, excuse me, by my peers, as somebody who shows up and brings it every single day,

Mike Ayala 12:16

and sometimes it could be tears with the way that you’re so authentic and so it could be tears right?

Tim Rhode 12:22

That’s a fact. Yeah, there’s a…Yeah. So

Mike Ayala 12:25

I want to just just to kind of step back a little bit. So you had mentioned, you know, early on, taking time off, you were off for 25 days and just for our listeners, and I guess even just a question for myself, were you always intentional about the way you structured your teams and businesses in your financial Arena in order to make sure that you weren’t stressed and you could take the time off that you really wanted with the goods in the woods or did it take you a while to figure that out?

Tim Rhode 12:52

I think I’ve always had a high risk palm. It’s like, like, back when I first started Selling and investing in real estate I literally go put properties in escrow I had no money for a four to six month escrow and go Alright, let’s see your wizardry How can you sell more? How can you just make this happen to come up with this $20,000 to buy this single family or this duplex and and then I just just really hustled and did everything came up with 16 the 20 put four grand on a credit card, you know what I mean? just just just did everything I could do just to get my foot in the door, get back to even Oh darn, it needs a new roof in an extra month or two, you know, and just just always kind of hustling to get back to par to go play that game again. And I just

Tim Rhode 13:47


Mike Ayala 13:47

I really appreciate you being transparent about that as I’m sure you are with everything but you know, sometimes the gurus out there teaching people you know certain ways and they don’t really tell them the backstory I mean, you were out grind And hustling and you know sometimes putting things on credit cards and really making that happen so I appreciate you just being open and honest about that.

Mike Ayala 14:07

So you said something and I don’t even remember when you said this to me or if I heard you say it when you were giving a talk or what but whether whether it’s getting out of the rat race or it’s a you know, a freedom percenter whatever, whatever you want to call that number, how long have you essentially been a been living off your horizontal income.

Tim Rhode 14:28

Um, I’m 60 and I I quit listing and selling around 40 and just went to the I’m just going to work like four or five days a month, and and just flip homes. It took a little while for my real estate business to die exercise less than, like 1518 homes a month, and then just said, I don’t want to do that anymore. I’m just gonna take my team and I’m only gonna buy like, like 100 A month and that I did that for about five or six years and then when we moved up here to the mountains and I sold everything into the, you know like 2005 to 2007 craze I’ve never actively bought another property myself and it’s kind of like this game I play. How little can I work and how much can I make? How little time can I spend on, you know that piece of it because I want to spend all my time in one life and with family and with getting the goods and don’t get me wrong I weed my garden, you know what I mean? I I take care of biz, but it’s fun being… I’ll send your I’ll send you to pass on to your listeners this thing five levels of financial freedom and I’m at the fifth level where I only water ski in other’s wakes like I’m interested to see you know your syndications Mike to I’m looking for, you know people like You that, that do amazing things because my friends like Andrew Cushman, there’s just there’s just the wise ones aren’t finding deals left and right right now. I mean, they’re, they’re, they’re being really picky and and so, you know, an investor like me that just wants to find talented people like you that know what the heck they’re doing. And I like you, I trust you. And I know what to expect, you know, things don’t always go right. But, you know, those are the kind of people you want to place your money with.

Mike Ayala 16:36

So just for our listeners that maybe don’t yet invest passively or whatever. So you You said that you haven’t actively bought a property for some years. So just to, I guess, compound, you’re still investing. You’re just now investing passively with other operators and stuff like that. Yeah.

Tim Rhode 16:53

Like, let me give you an example.

Tim Rhode 16:56

One of the income strings I’ve created for myself, is that Come is an advocate or entity called DAPT, David Andrew Pat and Tim. David Osborne, Pat Hiben, Andrew Cushman and myself. And we bought like, I don’t know whether somewhere between 10-12 apartment complexes over the last like eight years. And Andrews our horse. Yeah. And we raise the money for it. And, you know, I’m on the ownership end of that. So not only do we get that, Andrew is just amazing that investing, I get this, that part of the, you know, the premiums and when we sell them, I get a nice back end. So, this is a really good example of using, you know, the people that you know, Andrew is amazing. I coached him as a real estate investor, and I brought him to the team and David could qualify for the loans and we could all raise money. So think about, you know, how can you as this listener, utilize people, you know, like and trust to do things with and make damn sure you hold up your end. You know what I mean? And, and you’re, you’re a great partner on this, but that’s an example of, you know, I make 100 to 200 grand a year off this one little income stream that came out of nowhere.

Mike Ayala 18:31

Wow. That’s amazing. So for the listeners out there that um the reason why I want to bring amazing people like Tim on the podcast is to show you that there there’s many different ways to accomplish this, but Tim’s a living example of I mean, he he refuses to be stressed and that doesn’t mean he doesn’t ever have any stress hit him. But Tim, you’ve, you’ve learned how to deal with that. And so Tim’s a real world example of choosing the life that he wanted to live as he called it his most fulfilling life, which he gave us some examples. I just really appreciate Tim for that. And so I just want to make sure we don’t wax over that or just move on too quickly because you can have whatever you want out of life. It’s just being intentional. It’s about relationships. And the one thing that I just really heard you say Tim, is surrounding yourself with the right people in teams in order to help make you successful as well. Right?

Tim Rhode 19:19

Yeah, and I want to say something to the wherever you are listening to this, wherever you find yourself. Just think of the statement Tony Robbins said your past doesn’t equal equal your future. And I’d like to think I’ve gone from them one of the more selfish people you’ll ever meet as a teenager, I was a lost soul. My parents split up I was angry as one of the most selfish people you’ll ever meet. And now I say this humbly. I’m one of the most selfless people you’ll ever meet. And I just, you know, it just that that transition over time has been an amazing ride. And you got it. I’ve just done a lot of work on state management. And when you have mastermind buddies like David Osborne and pat Hyman, you better work on your freakin state because they’re going to figure out where your weaknesses and pick at you until you change them and not because they’re bastards is because they are happy, and they want you to become your best selves. And to this day, sometimes they drive me freaking nuts and and it’s driving me to be a better person and I love em for it.

Mike Ayala 20:33

That’s so awesome. Now, I’ll tell you I think I’ve shared this with you before Tim but for our listeners, I think that’s one of the main reasons that I found Gobundance or Gobundance found me. I was looking for one of the other pillars is authentic relationships, which I think is one of the top three that you said you really look for. But that’s what I was really looking for. I knew that in order to become a better version of myself, I needed some some deeper authentic relationships. And so I really appreciate what you guys have built in the tribe and And how you’ve just created these pillars that are just so amazing.

Mike Ayala 21:03

So just circling back on what you had talked about a little bit, you know of you becoming one of the most giving people in the world. And again, it’s not a brag you really literally are. When it comes to genuine contribution, you’re the guy that’s always there just encouraging, helping, but maybe this is a good time to get into One Life Fully Lived, you had mentioned a passion. And so how did how did all this come about, I want to really dig in on this because this is such an amazing organization. And, and number one, the fact that you’ve been so intentional about your life, it wasn’t always perfect, you had a lot of challenges, and we can go into any of that you want to. But all this kind of led to you know where you’re at in this amazing organization and really just wanting to get give back. So I’m going to let you just kind of take us wherever you want on what you’re doing today and what this organization is and let’s just dig in on it.

Tim Rhode 21:53

So let me tell you my why. If you remember I was saying what a lost soul. I was 15 years old. I grew up here in the mountains and I’m living in Oakland, California. And my mom moved there and and left my dad, she just decided she wants a life of her own. She and her new guys drinking like a gallon of wine a night. And, you know, I just had no adult supervision. It was all it was a really fun time, but I was just lost. And I also had a lot of talents and me, but they were just being wasted because I didn’t know what to do. So, so flash forward, I have all this time thinking about what’s next. I’m 40 to 50 and I’m thinking about what I want to do and I knew I wanted to serve in a big way. And my dad was a teacher and I knew I wanted to be, you know, like teaching and as I told Jay, I had gone to Tony and saw Zig Ziglar and Wayne Dyer and Jim Rohn and, and and been through Dale Carnegie’s and Toastmasters and just gone through so much self education, that kinda Learn how to just keep growing and thriving in and evolving into the next incarnation. So I wanted it struck me as I skied my seventh day in a row once with Christopher Lochhead, another guy named calling then Colin said, I could do this every single day of the year. And I said, You know what? I can’t you you selfish bastard. How can you you’re living this amazing life and you see people hurting. You see, angry lost souls out there not wanting, not knowing what to do to create an amazing life for themselves.

Tim Rhode 23:39

So I, I started One Life in 2011. And what we do is we have events and we created a one life roadmap journal that teaches, number one, that fulfillment triangle Where do my passions meet my talents where there’s opportunity where Can I fit in and thrive? That’s what you want in life. And number two, what in the heck am I going to do to get there? Vision planning. Where am I going? Finances. How can I earn more, invest wisely to get somewhere? And then relationships with myself? Who’s my posse? Who’s my mentors and wellness? How can I be fit in my mind, body and spirit propel off this amazing life? So that’s what one life is about is just helping people learn the that inner coding to creating your most fulfilling life possible.

Mike Ayala 24:40

So let’s let’s dig in on that a little bit more. So you is the are the events the main driver of this or is there other ways that people can engage with One Life Fully Lived?

Tim Rhode 24:50

Um, there’s the events are good, we have five all over the country, and he goes to one life fully either the number one one life Fully or one life fully lived org o ne. And and you’ll see we have five events there. We also have something called the contributor club for at different levels. You can get like $49 a month you get our 12 master classes with, with amazing presenters like Jeff Hoffman, Robert Kiyosaki, David Osborne. My coach Phil Toll who saved Metallica is on our call tonight actually. So for $49 a month they get the master classes and then at different levels we get baller coaches in each areas that that know how to earn, invest, meditate, fitness, relationship coaches, every single thing we teach, we have people at mastery levels helping those on their way and well on their way. You know, pay somewhere between 99 and we have some paying 499 a month for extra coaching for them that helps our programs to lift those that never get this. And we’ve taken that from 3,000 a month last year, up to 150,000 a year, that year, in the contributor club.

Mike Ayala 26:22


Tim Rhode 26:23


Mike Ayala 26:24

So I have a friend that he’s a fellow GoBro. His name is Brent. And he was telling me are you guys doing an event? You got an event coming up in Detroit or something like that?

Tim Rhode 26:33

Yeah. In um that’s going to be November Excuse me. November 9. I believe. It’s a it’s a Thursday. It’s the second Thursday in November, and that is going to be Jamie Gruber’s help them put it together. And as is Brent Welling from Detroit. Yeah, yeah. That’ll be amazing. He hasn’t committed yet, but we’re 90% Sure, Robert or excuse me, Jeff Hawkins coming to that doing finances piece.

Mike Ayala 27:05

So when you go in and do these events, is it like? Is it just like in a classroom style? What who can come to these

Tim Rhode 27:12

this week? For your listeners, we do the one life roadmap workshop, okay. And this is for adults and teens and, and families to bring their mature kids and offices we’ve got we’re doing one in Sacramento next week a company called Gutter Glove from Sacramento is bringing their 26 employees that have install gutters because they want them to learn our One Life basics, and they’re very progressive company that that cares about their employees. So they’re bringing their whole team to this, okay. And then while we’re in cities while we’re in Sacramento, we’re going into juvenile hall there for the fourth year with like my friend well little who does street poetry, and then we’re going into two different high schools. And we’re also doing this awesome, awesome experiment, we’re coming over to the Bay Area, and going into this boarding house for people who are kind of like, you know, either either clean and sober or a halfway house, they’ve been placed there. And they’re like 20 to 40 just trying to figure stuff out. And so we’re gonna bring our our roadmap crew in there and just facilitate like a two hour experience, where we walk them through vision planning, finances, relationships, and wellness, and have them come out with a plan for all right, where am i going from here? And some of these people are like schizophrenic. And our you know, our we have no idea what we’re walking into there.

Tim Rhode 28:49

So, but we love it because our hearts are in the right place, and our materials solid that we believe it.

Mike Ayala 28:56

Wow, that’s amazing. It’s so cool how the organization just gives it all Levels it’s pretty pretty impressive. Tim, what do you think brought you here? What like what motivated you to start this organization and get involved

Tim Rhode 29:10

by this thing I have no idea Michael. I was just call I was just like I had no idea why I was working so hard while I was in the trenches not talk a nice to myself by the way, having this myself talk back in the day was you suck show me something. You haven’t done anything. Come on, show me something. And it wasn’t fun. You know. And now my self talk as you can tell, I love myself and I love who I’ve evolved into but back then it wasn’t. But I was just just pushing to to get financially free. I never knew why. And then as soon as I was it was like alright, I’m tapping out. I was like Barry Sanders. retiring at the top of his game is like, Alright, I’m done making money. Now what I don’t know. Just go get the goods you’ll figure it out go go out in the boonies figure this stuff out. I spent a lot of time out there just just asking allowing and just letting the game come to me and Gobundance evolved from it and One Life evolved from it and now dude I know my purpose I know I wake up every day I live for podcasts like this. I live to go into that you know when we go into that workshop I told you about for the for the adults for the for when we go into juvie when we just get all these different places to beta test what we’re doing and get better and better and better and just serve it up early.

Mike Ayala 30:43

Awesome that’s that’s really cool man. So for the listener and I you don’t you don’t give this impression at all. But I always like to pull it back to this so for the listener that hears, Okay, yeah, great. Tim, you’ve, you know, you had real estate you did this. You built A nonprofit and again for you, you don’t even give this error off at all because you’re just a awesome dude. But for the listener that’s like living paycheck to paycheck and really just wants to figure out how to you know, get a get some more income coming in or work on his mindset or whatever it is for what what advice would you give for that person?

Tim Rhode 31:23

Um, I would, I would take a good look inside. Just just slow down, get off your hamster wheel. And and, you know, go to your happy place. Maybe it’s for me it was the boonies. Maybe it’s a glass of wine or doobie. I don’t know what I mean. I know. I don’t know what it is for you. Maybe it’s going to the park with the kids. Maybe it’s church but whatever it is, just slow down. And and think about every single thing you’re doing and every area that I talked about vision planning, finances, relationships and wellness. And how can you… What do you need to change? What do you really need? What what habit is holding you back? What person has a hold of your legs that maybe you need to, you know, change your relationship or something. But what is it? Maybe it’s you, you know, but but do the hard work of asking where can I be better and what can I do that I’m not doing that what am I willing to give up? You know, to pay the price for this amazing life I want.

Tim Rhode 32:38

In 1997 I was living in a town I didn’t like doing what I was sick of doing. Barely break in the even. And in that place, I wrote a dream that I’d be living up in the mountains, getting the goods in the woods doing something amazing. What an amazing view. And I’m not that intelligent of a guy. I’m just tenacious and I ask you to be as tenacious for your life, as I think your worth it.

Mike Ayala 33:06

Wow, that’s amazing. So just to get a little tactical on that when you wrote that in 1997 did that set you on a different path? Because you’d mentioned earlier you were I don’t remember how you said it, but you were pretty uptight or an angry guy or whatever early on. Was this like, did you kind of follow that process? 1997 you wrote it out and and the next week you were there or or did you

Tim Rhode 33:29

No, you know how it goes. There’s, there’s that was a huge data point. But there were other ones like I used to treat my body horribly. I changed smoked cigarettes from 14 to 35. Those are my two regrets is that that bad self talk. I wish I was nicer and enjoyed the ride more and I wish I didn’t change smoke cigarettes from 14 to 30. But lucky I’m 60 and very, very healthy. But that changed my life a lot is is that was a bad habit. I got rid of eating lousy and treating my body you know not good now I eat really really well I’m very, you know, I wrestle. I cheat I call it cheating I take a nap pretty much every day. And and and just kind of go in two sprints. I get up really early I go like after like noon I dropped for an hour I have a nice cup of tea with honey in it. Boom, here we are on round two, you know? So yeah.

Mike Ayala 34:27

One of one of my mentors Dan Sullivan always says that the eyes only see in the ears only hear what the brain is looking for. So back to 1997 you wrote you literally wrote this out that you were going to be elsewhere and so I mean, I think I commend you for that first off, but that’s so powerful just like kind of resetting your future and

Tim Rhode 34:47

Yeah, and I look at it and and you know you’re right, it really did lock in this fantastic voyage Tina and I took. You know, she was a part of it, she set the table every day to help me do the wizardry I needed to do to, to pull that all off. But we were in a place, you know that that really wasn’t suiting us. We are fish out of water in the valley, and we both want to live up in the mountains. And we were… so I thought I’d be there around 2003 which, for two reasons. Number one, my daughter was graduating then and just you know, I wasn’t quite ready and number two, the market wasn’t ready for me to you know, tap out yet. So, it was Yeah, so we we meant to do it in like five to seven years where we’d move but we actually moved. Yeah, I was it was seven, eight years later. And and and I never looked back and haven’t been back there never sold another home never you know bought another rental, just a whole new incarnation on the next.

Mike Ayala 36:04

So that’s amazing. So, Tim, what else uh, anything else you’d like to tell my listeners that maybe we haven’t talked about or anything you’d like them to know.

Tim Rhode 36:14

I just like to talk about go back to that person who’s you know, living paycheck to paycheck and really struggling with all this. You might want to buy our one life roadmap journal, that has that core, four teachings in there. And it’s a really good product to help you master the basics. You know, the fundamentals of creating your best life and there’s a lot in there with the financial piece, and those financial ABCs and that’s just the the basic workings to dream plan and create your most fulfilling life possible. I’d say that’s a great place to start. And it’s a year’s journal and it’s really good for you and it’s good for you to buy one for you. And also you’re just getting out in the world. It’s a great Christmas gift and, and graduation gift. And we have a, we have a student version, and we’re just coming out with the adult version for those out in the world. So,

Mike Ayala 37:13

Okay, so for the first 20 listeners that shoot me an email at team at, we’ll go ahead and send out 2020 free journals. And for the rest of you, just you know, make sure you go to and check out Tim and everything they’ve got going on. So, Tim, you had mentioned that you would send the five levels of financial freedom to our listeners.

Tim Rhode 37:36

Yeah, I’d be happy to send that over. And I’ll also send a copy of my dream from 1997 and a blank dream and another examples so you can write out your dream. And I want you guys to think about, you know, where am I going with this? And this is what I thought of from 25 to 40 is what’s that next incarnation? How can I get to that place? Where in ’97 I wrote all right now it’s my tapping out move. Now, you know, so this is all about kind of like, that’s your marathon plan. And then what you’re going to do this year, this quarter this month this week, and today is your sprint plan. And everyday you hit the ground sprinting towards that marathon plan. Because you’re worth it.

Mike Ayala 38:24

Tim, we really appreciate that. If our listeners also send an email to team at and just put five levels of financial freedom in the subject line. We’ll go ahead and get that over to you. Cool, awesome. Well, Tim, I really appreciate you being on with us and just really love talking to your generosity and everything you got going on. So it’s been amazing.

Tim Rhode 38:44

Yeah. Hey, Mike, thanks so much for having me on. And it’s been my sincere pleasure. And I hope that someday you’re at a Gobundance level and you can join us on one of our many adventures and, you know, get it at a high level. But along the way, man just enjoy the ride and keep keep on rockin the free world everyone.

Mike Ayala 39:07

If you found value in this episode and you know someone who’s wanting to start or move further along in their journey toward investing for freedom, I would be forever grateful if you would share this show with them and help me get this message out to more listeners. Also, if you enjoy what you’ve heard, I would appreciate it if you take 30 seconds and leave me a five star review and share this with your friends. And Until the next episode cheers to moving further along in your journey of investing for freedom.

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