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Understand Your Motives with John Madsen

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Mike Ayala

Get ready for an exceptional ride in today’s episode, where we’re privileged to have an electrifying conversation with the remarkable John Madsen. A professional athlete-turned-entrepreneur, John Madsen boasts an impressive resume as a former NFL tight-end, having demonstrated his athletic prowess with the Raiders.

In a behind-the-scenes look at his life, John shares insights into the driving forces and motivations that propelled him to the top, some of which he wasn’t even consciously aware of initially. Hear about his unlikely journey – from someone who didn’t even play high school football to courageously walking onto a college team and ultimately making it big in the NFL.

Not stopping at football, John made a seamless transition into the world of fitness. Today, he owns a thriving personal training fitness company. He candidly shares his philosophy on fitness – how it doesn’t need to be a gruelling, uphill battle, but can be an enjoyable part of our daily lives.

John dives deep into the concept of excellence, illuminating how striving to be the best in all areas can create a healthier, more balanced life. He passionately advocates for fitness, not only for personal wellness but also as a commitment to your partner and kids, emphasizing its crucial role in family dynamics.

John’s expertise extends to understanding the nuances of fitness training for children. During our chat, he breaks down the proper age to kickstart training, sharing invaluable guidance for parents looking to introduce their children to fitness.

Eager for more wisdom from John Madsen? Follow him on Instagram here to get your regular dose of fitness motivation and powerful life lessons. For those interested in taking their fitness journey to the next level, visit John’s fitness company at

Join us in this inspiring episode for an exciting blend of sports, fitness, and life wisdom. We promise it’s an enlightening conversation you won’t want to miss!

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