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What Never Changes?

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 In this episode, we’re diving into the dynamic world of business amidst the chaos and uncertainty. Let’s explore the intriguing notion that history can be a reliable compass for decision-making, highlighting the enduring nature of certain investments.

Business in Turbulent Times: As a business owner or entrepreneur, the current landscape is undoubtedly hectic and unnerving. But there’s a silver lining to discover.

Weathering the Storm: We’ll take a historical perspective and discover how some sectors, like real estate, affordable housing, and service-based businesses, remain robust in good times and bad.

Steadfast Opportunities: Despite the challenges, there’s no shortage of opportunities for those willing to embrace them.

Trends vs. Timelessness: Don’t be lured by the latest shiny distractions, like crypto. Instead, consider investing in the tried-and-true.

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Deep Dive: Revisit our enlightening 2-part interview with Morgan Housel in Episodes 231 & 232, and consider delving into his new book, “Same as Ever” for insights into the unchanging aspects of the world.

🎧 Stay tuned for an engaging exploration of how history can guide your business decisions and lead you towards enduring success.

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