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Nigel Guisinger | Who Inspires You The Most?

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Hosted by
Mike Ayala

On this episode of the Investing for Freedom podcast, Mike talks to Nigel Geisinger. Mike describes Nigel as a business Ninja and guru as the pair go through Mike’s four questions, discussing Nigel’s grandmother’s influence on him as well as offering advice on purchasing real estate.

“Something’s only worth what two idiots will pay for it.”


0:00 – Intro and background to Nigel
2:33 – Nigel’s Grandma has had the greatest impact on his life as he explains she lived an epic life
7:11 – You’re not really buying a piece of property, you’re buying the debt and the servicing value of that debt
9:05 – Mike talks about Jason Hartman’s mastermind and how he created a Hartman consumer index
10:53 – Nigel’s dad said something’s only worth what two idiots will pay for it, as he also shares a bunch of other quotes he likes about selling and inflation, and likens purchasing real estate to when he would date a bunch of girls but when his wife came along, he knew she was the one for him
13:24 – Nigel’s explains how his grandma lived the philosophy of buy with the intention of keeping and give it away at the end
17:25 – You can collapse time frames by tapping into other peoples experience
19:02 – Nigel’s mom used to say what do you want and what are you going to do to get it
20:42 – Mike talks about how people have poured years into college and school and aren’t willing to adjust because they invested so much time and money
21:28 – Nigel goes through his schooling and how he wasn’t put into school until 5th grade and the way the school worked was they put you at your true level and allow you to explore things you’re interested in
24:38 – Nigel credits his family caring as the thing that has had the greatest impact on his life
28:20 – Nigel actually wants to make people better, and any can do it if you surround yourself around the right people and you have the right education
30:11 – Nigel talks about his greatest setback and what he learned from it
32:03 – Mike asks Nigel to go into more detail on what expunged means and how they lost $13.5 million
34:20 – Mike asks Nigel about his own servers and whether they’re safe
38:30 – Nigel shares the advice he finds himself sharing the most
43:10 – We need to negotiate on price, duration and rate
45:01 – To finish, Nigel goes through some of his portfolio and touches on some of his businesses
47:03 – You can follow Nigel @nigelGuisinger on Instagram


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