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WHO is on Your Team? with Kara Ayala

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Welcome back, everyone, to an electrifying episode featuring the renowned Kara Ayala!

Today, we’re delving into a topic that’s often underestimated but critical: “Who’s on Your Team.” It might seem obvious, but it’s crucial. Your circle matters – who you’re surrounded by, who you’re listening to, and the impact these individuals have on your decisions. Whether it’s an in-house team member or an external hire, choosing the right person is paramount.

We’re unraveling the importance of having individuals who are not only skilled and hardworking but also constantly evolving with the trends and changes in their field. Don’t let a wrong hire derail your progress. Do your due diligence, make informed choices, and invest wisely in your team.

And speaking of wisdom, Kara Ayala’s insights on Instagram (@kara_ayala) and her podcast “Marriage, Money, & Mayhem” are must-follows for a wealth of valuable information.

Lastly, for accredited investor women seeking a supportive community for growth, look no further than Reign and Co at! It’s a fantastic platform fostering connections among like-minded women.

Tune in as we uncover the secrets to curating a winning team that propels your success! 🌟

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