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The King’s Table with Aaron Amuchastegui, Matt Aitchison, & Ashish Nathu

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Get ready for a captivating experience as three close friends and I unveil our latest endeavor: “The Kings Table”. Join us in a space filled with raw, authentic conversations, where we navigate through topics ranging from real estate insights to the pulse of today’s economy, banking, and the ever-evolving global economic landscape.

For now, our insightful discussions will premiere across our individual podcasts. But with your continued support and feedback, we’re hopeful to transition it into its standalone platform. So if you’re hooked and want more, let us know!

Want to engage with us? Share your thoughts or show some love by texting me directly at 480-531-7519. Your feedback is invaluable to us.

Stay in the loop! For an extended experience and more engaging content, don’t forget to follow my co-hosts on Instagram. And if your ears are yearning for more auditory delights, explore each of their individual podcasts, all linked below.

Aaron Amuchastegui

Real Estate Rockstars 

Matt Aitchison

Millionaire Mindcast

Ashish Nathu

The Rich Equation

Thank you for being a part of our exciting new journey. 

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