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Predictions & Personal Branding

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Today we are airing some clips from last episode of the @KingsTablePodcast. In these clips the guys and I are talking about fake news, the power of a personal brand and how it makes selling things so much easier, relying on social media for sales and/or your personal brand, the threat of cyber security attacks and how much of an impact they can have, and more. 

BUT WAIT, for the rest of this episode, check out Ep. 21: 2024 Predictions, Prepping, and Personal Branding. And don’t forget to Follow The @KingsTablePodcast Podcast on YouTube, you can also find it by going to

Lastly, this year we are doing different investor dinners including Phoenix, Austin, Salt Lake and more! If you are interested in attending any of these investor dinners, text the word ‘dinner’ to 480–531-7519 to get on the list 

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