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Aaron Amuchastegui | How Failure Makes Us Better Investors

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Hosted by
Mike Ayala

In this episode of the Investing for Freedom podcast, Mike speaks to his good friend Aaron Amuchestegui. Aaron gives some amazing insight into his life as he hit rock bottom 3 times and managed to come back all three along with so much more about the businesses he has built, the person he’s become and shares some great advice from his life experiences.

“You can’t just show up, you have to be honest with who you are…”


0:00 – Intro and background to Aaron
1:44 – Mike asks who has had the greatest impact on Aaron’s life
5:39 – Aaron was the second child of his father’s second marriage and Aaron feels like he’s a lot like his father
7:20 – One of Mike’s children said he appreciated that Mike never forced his own likes onto him
8:35 – Mike and Aaron parents intentionally
10:40 – They say you should always apologize to your first child
12:00 – Aaron talks about how choosing his father felt cliché
13:40 – Aaron explains what one thing has had the greatest impact on his life
19:39 – Mike asks what are the things that keep him from making the same mistakes as before and avoid hitting
34:33 – Aaron talks about two he took a year to 18 months of really soaking in what happened to learn the lesson
34:47 – Aaron talks about how his daughter was worried about her homework and they worked together to finish her homework in 2 hours, which birthed where you can get the book, or follow Aaron’s wife on Instagram
38:37 – There was a huge spike in interest during Covid last year, but there were growing pains
40:49 – Aaron gives the same answer for his second question as to the third question, siting the family setback as his biggest setback
44:23 – Mike says you can never think enough that you might not ever see a place again
46:41 – Mike asks Aaron about how much his social circle matters
47:33 – Aaron states that entrepreneurs can always start over
48:03 – Aaron mentions how GoBundance Mastermind feels like a god sent for him
49:55 – Aaron talks about how crucial it has been to bounce business ideas off other people in GoBundance has been for him
52:42 – Mike speaks about how you are an average of the five people you spend the most time with and how you have to figure out who you need to become so that those five people continue to let you spend time with them
55:18 – Aaron reiterates Mike’s previous point and explains how you can’t just show up, you have to be honest with who you are
58:11 – Aaron talks about how being allowed to be authentic is such a gift and how GoBundance gives him the space and opportunity to be authentic
1:02:25 – You can contact Aaron through Instagram; @aaronamuchestegui

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