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Jamie Gruber | Emerge and Descend

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Hosted by
Mike Ayala

On this episode of The investing for Freedom Podcast, Mike is joined by returning guest, Jamie Gruber. Mike and Jamie discuss a series of topics but focus on why people are scared to leave their W2 jobs. Mike shares some information about Emerge and Descend, a program created by Jamie to help those prepare and get ready to qualify for GoBundance. Mike and Jamie also share their experience of leaving their W2 jobs and share their advice to anyone who is thinking of doing the same.



0:00 – Intro
2:04 – Mike talks about how Jamie has helped to create the Emerge and Descend program for GoBundance and it’s designed for those who are not ready yet to qualify for GoBundance – it helps get you prepared and ready for GoBundance!
2:30 – Jamie mentions how he left his W2 job six months ago
3:38 – Jamie talks about how he got ready and brought himself to leave his W2 job
7:04 – Mike speaks about his coach has really taught him a lot about toward energy/goal and away energy/goals
8:17 – Mike shares why he left his W2 job
13:11 – Mike mentions how he thinks a lot of people are trying to run away from not just their job but a life that they’ve built because they’re not clear on what it is they truly value/want
17:16 – Jamie states that there are roles in W2 jobs that can service what you value
22:35 – Mike asks Jamie when was the moment where he knew that his W2 job was no longer serving him and he needed to move on
26:46 – Jamie shares an analogy has been using recently and encourages you to  get quiet, provide two days of quiet for yourself to think and you’ll have an epiphany
33:17 – Mike talks about adapting Jamie’s ‘quiet place’ routine
39:31 – Jamie speaks about evidence vs. emotion and how
40:49 – Jamie states that why moves us forward in life is looking back on the evidenced of everything you’ve accomplished so far
43:46 – Mike talks about how he coached with Dan Sullivan
44:39 – Jamie mentions how he is a huge fan of Mike Ayala – he’s vulnerable and authentic and having Mike’s number in his phone really shows the quality of the people in his life
45:18 – You can reach Jamie through Instagram @thejamiegruber
45:24 – Jamie shares some final advice and suggest that anyone thinking about leaving their W2 job to get quiet and just take action on whatever you think your purpose might be

Instagram: @thejamiegruber

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